Is Metal Gear Solid 6 Coming To PC?

When is Konami launching Metal Gear Solid 6? When are we getting the next story with Venom Snake? What about the Big Boss? These are all questions we need answered in the inevitable sequel for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Will Solid Snake make his formal return for the PC? | @ Konami

Everyone has debated the possibility of Metal Gear Solid 6, and that debate is growing as rumors suggest an announcement could be coming soon. However, Konami hasn’t announced anything about MGS6.

There’s a complicated backstory behind the internal development of Metal Gear Solid 6. All previous games were developed by Hideo Kojima, who is an icon & visionary within the gaming industry. But Hideo Kojima parted ways with Konami in 2015, and the franchise has barely moved forward since.

We’ve seen one game release since Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain launched in 2015. The latest entry into the franchise was Metal Gear Survive in 2018, and that game was poorly received by players and critics. Since then, Konami has remained silent about the upcoming sequel to MGS: The Phantom Pain. Despite Konami remaining quiet about Metal Gear Solid 6, there’s hope for this upcoming game, as Kojima Productions has close ties to PlayStation Studios.

PlayStation’s influence could prompt Konami and Kojima to enter another partnership. However, this is speculative and hasn’t been confirmed by PlayStation, Konami, or Hideo Kojima.

Video Game Chronicle has stated that Metal Gear Solid 6 has entered pre-development and that Konami plans to remaster Metal Gear Solid 1. If these reports are accurate, then MGS6 will launch for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Additional support would be provided for Microsoft’s Windows and Steam.

When Is Metal Gear Solid 6 Coming To The PC?

As previously mentioned, Konami will support the Microsoft Windows and Steam platforms. However, the official release date isn’t known. Reports from VGC indicate that Konami isn’t internally developing Metal Gear Solid 6 but externally developing the game with Virtuous. They’ve assisted in creating some amazing games like PlayStation's Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4.

Could Venom Snake come back for Metal Gear Solid 6? | @ Konami

VGC’s report that Konami is externally developing Metal Gear Solid 6 with Virtuous leans towards the rumors that Sony could acquire Konami. If this were to become a reality, Sony could request that Hideo Kojima return to the franchise, with Kojima Productions being the lead developer & Virtuous being a co-developer.

It’s noted that Hideo Kojima isn’t exclusively working with Sony anymore, as Kojima Productions announced they are developing a cloud-based exclusive for the Xbox Series X/S. This agreement could cause Hideo Kojima to decline Sony’s offer to return to Metal Gear Solid, permitting that offer was made. Regardless, Virtuous and Konami will require multiple years to develop MGS6, resulting in an expected launch window of 2025-26.

Predicted launch windows could change based on various circumstances for the PC. For instance, Virtuous could assist in developing the MGS Remakes, like Metal Gear Solid 3: Solid Snake. This would cause unwanted postponements with the sequel for Ground Zeroes & Phantom Pain.

Which PC Features Will Metal Gear Solid 6 Have?

There isn’t any way to predict the features that will be incorporated into Metal Gear Solid 6, as this third-person shooter is years away from launching. It’s guaranteed that another generation of Nvidia and AMD CPUs/GPUs will have come before the release of MGS6. Therefore, our predictions on the supported features could be outdated by the time Metal Gear Solid 6 is released. Prepare for the long-haul folks!

It's expected that Konami will support the following features and peripherals with Metal Gear Solid 6.

The fallout of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will drastically affect whatever version of Snake we see next. | @ Konami

Numerous other features could be incorporated to assist with the visual and audio fidelity of Metal Gear Solid 6. Ultimately, we won’t know until Konami makes an official announcement on this inevitable game.

Is Metal Gear Solid 6 Coming To The Steam Deck?

No, Metal Gear Solid 6 won’t be supported through the Steam Deck. This game will sustain GPU and CPU requirements that exceed the power of Valve’s Steam Deck.

Anyone favoring this handheld console must hope that rumors of a 2nd Gen Steam Deck are true. If they aren’t, players will be limited to experiencing this game from their gaming desktops or laptops.

Game Trailer

As previously noted, Konami hasn’t announced the development of Metal Gear Solid 6. But everyone knows this game is coming for next-generation consoles and PCs. The question is: when will Konami announce and release this game? Honestly, who knows. For now, you can watch gameplay footage on Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Edition.