Can You Play Halo Infinite on Steam Deck?

If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of those sweet, sweet Steam Decks, then you may be wondering whether Halo Infinite is playable on that bad-boy!

Halo infinite steam deck
Can you play Halo Infinite on the Steam Deck? | © 343 Industries

With the Steam Deck droppin' like it's hot, everyone's wondering one thing, and one thing only: can you play Halo Infinite, on the go, on the Steam Deck? Well, okay, they are probably wondering more than that. Possibly more broad questions like "What games can I play on the Steam Deck?" and crud like that. The reality, though, is that this is the one true question. Why? Well, because Halo Infinite is awesome, silly!

Unlike your question, the basic question that this-here article asks is not silly in the slightest. The Steam Deck is now home to hundreds of games, possibly thousands, and is an incredibly convenient way to keep access to your Steam library without the need to lug a heavy gaming laptop around with you. Oh, and Halo Infinite is on Steam, so seriously, not a stupid question at all!

Is Halo Infinite Available on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite is not currently available on the Steam Deck. This is pretty sad for those of us who wanted to pick up a Steam Deck (if even possible, those things are flying faster off the shelves than Horizon: Forbidden West is off the top-games list), but there is a little bit of hope.

You see, the Steam Deck works very differently to other consoles. Instead of having a selection of games that are launched specifically for the console, or a selection of games that are retrofitted to work on multiple consoles, the Steam Deck is - literally - the entire Steam catalogue. Whether games work or not is dependent on whether Valve have "tested" the game.

Now, the game was actually tested for the Steam Deck on February 18, according to the verified games list, and that test saw it labelled as "Unsupported". That's okay, though, because many bigger games will be adjusted for the Steam Deck in coming months. Halo is, well, a massive game, so this will surely happen!

We have to remember that, whilst it feels like this game is a brother that has been with us all of our lives (in a way it has, Halo is a pretty darn iconic franchise), it is actually only a couple of months old. Once it has been out for a decent amount more time, and once Valve has got around to it, we are sure to see Halo Infinite grace our small screens very very soon! Long live the Steam Deck, and long live Halo Infinite!