Among Us VR: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Innersloth is expanding the Among Us Universe by launching their revolutionary game to virtual reality headsets like PlayStation VR. We're here to break down everything you need to know, and more.
Among Us is releasing to Steam VR and PlayStation VR | @ Innersloth

Few games have captured the imagination and passion of younger gamers like Among Us. When Innersloth released this online multiplayer game in 2018, nobody anticipated that 500+ million people would download it.

Among Us has undeniable popularity with a massive consumer base. As such, Innersloth has partnered with Schell Games and Robot Teddy to launch Among Us VR. That’s right; we’ll be capable of experiencing Among Us in a virtual reality setting.

Fans have requested Innersloth launch Among Us to VR consoles like the Meta Quest 2, and those requests have finally been heard. But what can you expect from this upcoming version of Among Us? Let’s find out.

Is Among Us VR Coming Out In 2022?

Innersloth has confirmed that Among Us VR is launching during the upcoming holiday season. It will launch for the following consoles:

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t focused on developing a VR Headset since the Kinect Ecosystem failed. It’s expected that anyone who favors Microsoft will be forced to experience Among Us VR on their PCs. Fortunately, VR Headsets like the Meta Quest 2 have become widely accessible. The Meta Quest 2 – 128GB Model can be purchased for $299.99/£299.99.

Everything We Know About Among Us VR | All Leaks & Rumors

Can you avenge deceived friends from the imposter? | @ Innersloth

Anyone playing Among Us on their PlayStation or Xbox knows what this game is all about, but for those who haven’t played this revolutionary game, we’ve broken down everything you need to know below.

Among Us will maintain an identical structure to its predecessor, meaning you’ll have to complete various tasks to win an online multiplayer match. If you finish these tasks, the imposter is stopped from sabotaging critical systems throughout the four maps. But if you can’t stop the imposter, you’ll eventually die.

Innersloth has confirmed that Among Us VR will launch with four maps, including:

Tasks required of players will be familiar. However, there will be an additional layer of interactivity following the VR Mechanics. This should make the deceptive actions of imposters feel more personal, as you’ll look into your enemy's eyes before perishing in their treacherous ways.

The Chief Executive Officer of Innersloth stated: “There’s a lot to love about Among Us, and this partnership presents a perfect pairing of the runaway success of the original game and the upward trajectory of the virtual reality ecosystem.”

Is Among Us VR Coming To The PS5 and PC?

Play Among Us like you're fighting in Netflix's Squid Game | @ Innersloth

Among Us VR won’t be launched onto the Xbox Series X/S. Instead, Innersloth will release this upcoming installment of Among Us for PlayStation VR and Steam VR, with additional support for the Meta Quest 2.

Most gamers will prioritize their experience with Among Us VR on PC, but that isn’t necessarily bad, as it will make streaming and game customization far more accessible to everyone, including us.

Is Among Us VR Part Of PlayStation Plus?

There hasn’t been any announcement to suggest that Among Us VR is launching for PS+ Extra or PS+ Premium. Everyone should expect to pay a small fee to acquire this game. Fortunately, Among Us has never been expensive.

We can expect to pay anywhere from $5.99/£5.99 to $15.99/£15.99. We’ll update you on the official price when Innersloth provides it.

Game Trailer

This trailer is somewhat comical, as you can’t help but chuckle when intense music reminiscent of Battle 2077 is played in correlation with the cartoon graphics of Among Us. But we admit, everything looks polished up throughout this trailer. It appears the experience will be improved tenfold for VR Players, and that’s amazing. Check it out for yourself.