MultiVersus Season 1 Delayed

A bit of a shocker just hit MultiVersus among its huge hype, as the developers announced a delay for the game's first season.

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MultiVersus Season 1 has been delayed, sorry folks. | © WB Games

MultiVersus has hit the gaming world like a truck, conquering the top charts of every platform it released on. But the game has already got its first damper. The developers have announced a delay to Season 1 of MultiVersus, which promises to come with a stream of new content, like new characters. Season 1 was supposed to start on August 9th, but now fans will have to wait longer.

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MultiVersus Season 1 Coming Later

This news was announced on the official MultiVersus Twitter account. In a series of tweet, the decision to delay season 1 and the inclusion of Morty to the MultiVersus roster have been delayed to "a later date". Here is the Twitter thread from the developers:

Developer Player First Games hasn't said why they're delaying the start of the season, but promises to deliver "new and exciting content that delights players". Obviously this sucks, not just for fans of the game but the developers as well. Game Director Tony Huynh explained that he is "very unhappy that we disappointed players". It's ok dude, we understand.

A new release date for season 1 hasn't been announced yet. However, fans have started to speculate already. In another tweet, it was announced that the Pre-season battle pass will be extended until August 15th, suggesting that MultiVersus season 1 could start on August 16th. However, that is just speculation until the actual date will be officially announced.

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