New Halo Game in Development

Insider leaks suggest that 343 Industries are already working on a new, unannounced Halo game.
Halo game new
Wait, there's already a new Halo in development? | © 343 Industries

Recent insider leaks and rumors suggest that 343 Industries may also be in the early stages of developing a brand-new Halo game that is not Halo Infinite. It is unlikely to be a sequel to the current game, which will see its second season released this week, but it could very much be a full-scale spin-off along the lines of ODST or Halo: Reach.

The next few weeks are critical for the franchise, as Season 2 rolls into our lives with hopefully a bit more style and substance as what featured in Season 1. The game has been plagued with issues as of late, leading users to leave in droves and us to desperately try and convince you that everything will be okay, things can be fixed.

There is nothing surprising about this leak, and we could almost discount the leak entirely and still agree on the facts here. Yes, 343 Industries are at least beginning to think about their next game, yes, 343 Industries are probably giving resources to whatever this project ends up being. Whether it has been greenlit, though, is another question.

Has a New Halo Game Been Greenlit at 343 Industries?

Whilst nothing has been confirmed, Jez Cordon has taken to the Rand al Thor's Xbox Two podcast to share that he is "fairly sure" that a new Halo game has been greenlit and is in the early stages of development at 343 Industries. It seems very unlikely that this would be a full-scale Halo Infinite sequel, seeing as the game is still trying to get off the ground itself, and 343 Industries have already said that they want to support it for at least a decade.

There are some projects that I know nobody knows about because they're sort-of hyper top-secret and stuff... such as, I'm pretty sure that 343's working on another Halo project that isn't Halo Infinite. — Jez Cordon

We imagine that, if this is true, we won't be playing the game for a number of years to come. It could potentially be a smaller-scale spin-off like ODST or Halo: Reach (though the latter ended up being one of the biggest and best Halo games of all time), or perhaps something like a Halo Wars 3.

It's all very exciting of course, but make sure to keep your excitement as under-wraps as you can. In the end, this could be completely wrong. Jez Cordon is a pretty well respected gaming journalist and has connections to insiders at 343 Industries, where he probably would have got this scoop. It is unverified and unverifiable, at this stage, so take it with a pinch of salt.