New Hideo Kojima Game Leaked – A Death Stranding Sequel?

The godfather of leaks, Tom Henderson, has revealed details on the next Hideo Kojima game, apparently called 'Overdose'. See all details here.
New Kojima Game Leaked Death Stranding Mama Margaret Qualley
Margaret Qualley (here in Death Stranding) is in Kojima's next game. | © Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima, the man, the myth, the legend. He is one of the most exciting and genius figures in video game history. Every new Kojima game causes a whirlwind of excitement and flaming hot takes. And Tom Henderson is one of the great figures in video game leaks and reveals. His information is basically always right, so what he says is like gold to us.

So, this new reveal is obviously a special one: According to Tom Henderson, Hideo Kojima and his company are working on a new game called "Overdose". Let's check out all details that were revealed by Henderson.

Hideo Kojima Working On Horror Game with Margaret Qualley

According to the report by Mr. Henderson, Hideo Kojima and his development studio Kojima Productions are working on a new horror game that is titled "Overdose", at least at this stage of production. The game seems to feature the actress Margaret Qualley, who also played a role in Kojima's last game, Death Stranding. Is "Overdose" connected to Death Stranding and maybe even a sequel?

We're not entirely sure yet. Henderson, who claims to have seen footage of the game, is uncertain either. But he alleges some sort of connection with Death Stranding:

Early footage, that has been sent to me under the request of anonymity seems to show Mama from Death Stranding wearing a blue dress. The game, however, does not appear to be Death Stranding 2 and just features the actress who portrayed Mama, Margaret Qualley.

Footage shows the character walking through dark corridors with a flashlight in third-person, but it’s been suggested that the game can be played in first-person too. A jump scare at the end of the footage shows “GAMEOVER” followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game”… “OVERDOSE”.

Henderson and his team have been asked by Kojima Productions to remove the article, which obviously stoked the fires even more. This is very similar to the recent big Silent Hill leaks, where Konami hit the leaker with a copyright strike, making this intel seem much more legit in the process.

There is not much more we know about this game at this stage. It has been rumored for a long time that Kojima has been working on a horror game, something he meant to create since Silent Hills/P.T. got taken by Konami. This appears to be it.

We have two big showcases coming up, where we might see at least a short reveal of the game. There is the Xbox Showcase on June 12, and Kojima has been rumored to be in talks with Microsoft for his next game. Those talks haven't supposedly lead to anything, so seeing "Overdose" there seems unlikely.

The much likelier option is the Summer Game Fest tomorrow on June 9. Kojima is big buddies with presenter and organizer Geoff Keighley, and the two have been seen together recently. So if "Overdose" will be announced soon, it can happen during that show.