Nintendo Celebrates Huge Success Against Piracy Website

Nintendo proves once again to be the toughest company by suing a piracy website in France and winning!

Nintendo is in party mood after defeating a piracy website | © Nintendo

No publisher is as tough on any kind of illegal use of their games as Nintendo. They are famous for cracking down on modding of any kind. Just recently they deleted a BotW multiplayer mod of the face of the internet. Now the company won a court case in France against a piracy website.

Nintendo Vs. Piracy = Win For Mario

So Nintendo found a piracy website called and was not amused. As a result they sued the company responsible Dstorage in Paris as that is, where it is located.

Of course the publisher won the case and has now been awarded €442,750 and €25,000 in legal fees. That is more than 7000 copies of Tears of the Kingdom!

Nintendo made the following statement:

Nintendo is pleased with the decision of the Paris Court of Appeals, as it again sends a clear message that in refusing to remove or withdraw access to unauthorised copies of video games despite prior notification,sharehosting services such as Dstorage (1fichier) are liable under French law and must remove or block access to such content and may be liable to pay compensation to those rights holders whose intellectual property rights have been infringed

Those are some strong words! But honestly they are right. Piracy does steal the work of many people and can have real repercussions for the employees and companies.

Here's another time Nintendo cracked down on someone:

We'll have to wait and see, if other companies will follow Nintendo's example.

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