Insider: Nintendo Direct Delayed Because of Queen's Death

A Nintendo Direct was supposed to happen at some point soon, according to reliable reports. Now insiders claim that it has been delayed due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

According to insiders, the next Nintendo Direct has been delayed due to the death of the Queen of England. | © Nintendo

This is a weird story, but stick with me. You will probably have heard that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, as was announced on September 8. This has been foreshadowed all day and already effected businesses and proceedings all day and will continue to do so for a while, in a lot of ways. TV stations in the UK have stopped their usual programming, public statements have asked for restraint and announcements have been postponed or altered.

The last part apparently also applies to Nintendo. Recently it was leaked that the video game company has planned to hold a Nintendo Direct in September. Well... it looks like that might have changed after the death of the Queen, according to insiders who reported the Nintendo Direct leak before.

Nintendo Direct Delayed After Death Of Queen Elizabeth

This delay was claimed by Jeff Grubb, who credibly leaked the Nintendo Direct before. He revealed on Twitter and on his livestream, that the Nintendo Direct, that was supposed to be announced soon, could have been delayed due to the death of the Queen.

This might sound a bit weird, but it is a sensitive subject and Nintendo have shown before that they treat such things with care. Earlier this year, the release of the war-themed strategy game Advance Wars has been delayed after the Russian army invaded Ukraine. It makes sense that they would react with similar sensibilities to something like this.

The Nintendo Direct wasn't officially announced yet, and a date was also unknown. It also looks like the final plans of the delay haven't manifested yet internally, so it is not clear when the show will be held now.