Overwatch 2 Halloween Skin Prizes Are Daylight Robbery

The Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror event just started, but now fans are furious about how expensive the event skins are

Overwatch 2 Witch Kiriko
Overwatch 2 Halloween event skin prizes are something else | © Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard just launched the new Halloween Terror Event for Overwatch 2, but fans are already complaining about the prices being too high. Back in Overwatch 1, everyone could get the new Halloween Skins by playing the game, opening lootboxes, and so on. But now that Overwatch 2 is here, it's almost impossible to get anything without spending real money.

Overwatch Halloween Skin Prices Are Way Too High

Yooo, this is insane! The prices for normal legendary skins are already way too high, but the latest event skin prices are just god-damn outrageous. Sorry to say this (am I sorry though?), but spending so much money on a SKIN is really stupid.

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I think Blizzard has yet to realize that they might be getting a lot of money right now, but half of their current player base will be gone in a few months because Overwatch 2 just won't be worth it if people don't get anything out of playing this buggy game. And come on, a free skin here or there really won't kill Blizzard's bottom line, right?

Normally, the legendary skins cost about 1900 Overwatch coins. That is as much as $19. For ONE skin... One thing that is especially disappointing, is that the new Witch Kiriko skin, which everyone was super hyped for, is only available in a bundle that costs $26, wtf Blizzard?

They even have the audacity to sell a Bundle with four OLD Halloween skins for $44, and probably even feel generous while doing so. Five years ago, I brought Overwatch 1 for 10 bucks from eBay, and now you want to tell me I have to spend the fourfold amount on skins? There is just no way...