Overwatch 2: Mid-Season Update Delayed, New Release Date Announced

The Overwatch 2 Mid-Season Update got delayed due to a critical issue with the patch. Therefore, Mei is still gone.

Overwatch 2 Mei
Overwatch 2 mid-season update deleayed - Mei is still not back | © Blizzard Entertainment

Originally, Overwatch 2 was supposed to get a major update with many hero adjustments on November 14. However, it was postponed due to major problems with the patch. Since the damage hero Mei was supposed to be added back with this patch, her return will also be postponed.

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Overwatch 2 Mid-Season Update Delayed

Blizzard has recently announced in their forum that they are currently struggling with major problems of the new patch and therefore have to postpone the release. This delay will also affect the delivery of Overwatch League Spectator Rewards & Perks from the playoff matches.

Mei was taken out of the game some time ago because of some bugs that gave unfair advantages to players. Since her return was scheduled with the new update, we will not see her again until the new patch release date.

A little later after Blizzard announced the bad news, they noted that the update should come on Thursday, November 17 at 11 AM PST instead. Luckily, this is not such a long delay, and we hope that everything will go smoothly so that we can welcome Mei back to the game soon.

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