Blizzard Drops Prices For Overwatch 2 Skins – But Fans Are Still Not Happy

With the new Overwatch 2 item shop rotation, Blizzard has made major price adjustments and is offering fans a discount. However, they are anything but pleased.

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Overwatch 2 Item Shop rotation: Blizzard is slashing prices. | © Blizzard Entertainment

With the Overwatch 2 item shop rotation of November 8, Blizzard was finally gracious enough to add a discount. However, fans are anything but happy about it. In fact, it upset them even more. One of the biggest downers in Overwatch 2 are the prices for skins, which are way too high. Apparently Blizzard still can't see that $20 is just too much.

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Blizzard Reduces Overwatch 2 Item Shop Prices

With the most recent item shop rotation of November 8, Blizzard has added a discount to several skins and bundles. But the community's response to the reduced prices was everything but pleasant. In my opinion, a justified reaction. While Blizzard thinks they're being kind and generous, fans are still disappointed, that they have to spend a fortune on skins. And yes, even after the discount, skins are still way too expensive.

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The Overwatch 2 community was furious enough about the high prices and locking heroes behind a pay wall, they even started boycotting the item shop. The measly discount could be Blizzard's way of showing that they don't care about their fans, because if prices continue to be this high, many of us will be broke by the end of the year.

Even though Blizzard reduced the prices, they are still way too high. The shop is offering Legendary skins for a "discounted" price of 1500 OW Coins, which is about $15... Imagine what you could buy for $15... there are whole video games that cost less than that.

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Even though the prices for collectables may be high in Overwatch 2, we still need to be aware that it is now a free to play game. Although the performance ratio for Overwatch 1 players, who have bought the game for $40 may be quite unfair, millions of new players now have the opportunity to play Overwatch 2 for free, and paying for additional content in a FREE game is not something you can complain about.

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