PlayStation Are "Doomed" According To Analyst, No Chance Of PS6?

Industry analysts are beginning to doubt whether PlayStation can ever retaliate against Game Pass. Is this the beginning of the end for PlayStation?

PlayStation Doomed
This is the beginning of the end for PlayStation. | © Sony / Microsoft

When you think of the war between Xbox and PlayStation, you never actually imagine one side winning. Not completely. You imagine that they'll always keep battling it out; a good single-player exclusive here, a new VR gimmick there. But according to some industry-insiders, Xbox is on a trajectory to surpass and then eventually put an end to PlayStation.

Analyst Fears Xbox Will Beat PlayStation For Good

Analyst Michael Pachter recently appeared on the RDX podcast, and expressed his fear that PlayStation will "cease to exist" in ten years because Xbox will be so far ahead. As Pachter expressed:

"I think PlayStation is doomed and I think they're going to cease to exist as we know them in about ten years [...] They can't compete. They have no chance of competing. They're not a couple of years behind, it's an insurmountable lead."

His argument: more people are buying PlayStations right now, but if Microsoft can keep selling Xbox Game Pass subscriptions at such a low price, then eventually so many gamers will buy into the Xbox / PC ecosystem that Sony won't be able to compete. The Game Pass is very cheap for what it offers, and it looks set to get even more appealing with all the publishers Microsoft has been buying. But we need to see what Sony's Project Spartacus (their answer to Game Pass) looks like, and how cheap it is, before we can accept such a bold argument.

What do you think? Is he mental? Or are Xbox going to win in the long-term?