This Shooter Features a School Shooting Map

Ready or Not is a shooter that features a school shooting map, amongst other controversial features.
Ready or not shooter night club school steam
It doesn't get more controversial than Ready Or Not. | © Void Interactive

Ready or Not was a shooter in development at Team 17, and now it is a shooter without a publisher. Team 17 distance itself from the game just days after release, despite the game getting good initial user reviews. Why? Well... the relationship was always marred by controversy.

Ready Or Not: School Shooting Map Sparks Controversy

Initially, Team 17 had the developer Void Interactive remove a school shooting map from the game. I don't think I have to explain why. Void Interactive did as told, and Ready or Not was initially published by Team 17. Then, on June 12, Void Interactive added a nightclub shooting level to the game, and... well that was the end of it: Team 17 distanced themselves from the game, and Steam removed the game from its store.

While you could argue that adding a nightlcub level to a game is merely an artisitic decision and that the punishment is extreme, the release date is definitely in poor taste: June 12 was the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, during which 49 people died.

Still, Void Interactive claims that the game was removed due to a copyright issue, rather than the controversial level, and are confident that the game will return to Steam. Here's their official statement:

A takedown request was issued via Steam concerning a suggested trademark infringement in our recent Night Club map that was shared as part of our most recent Steam update. We take IP concerns very seriously, and in a show of good faith, we have decided to remove the subject materials and any reference to them from Ready or Not and from any of our social media or other publications.