Resident Evil 4 Survival Mode “Mercenaries” First Details Leaked

Resident Evil 4 Remake recently came out and was a great success. The legendary “Mercenaries” survival mode is yet to release though. Now we got first details about the mode thanks to a new leak.

Resident Evil 4 remake Mediamarkt
Resident Evil 4 Remake is getting Mercenaries soon, and we have first details here. | © Capcom

While the Resident Evil 4 Remake is a fantastic game, as you can read in our review, and launched very successfully, some fans were a bit disappointed about some content from the original missing. This mainly refers to the classic “Mercenaries” survival mode, which is a staple in the series and always a ton of fun.

Mercenaries is coming to the Remake on April 7, but what exactly will we get with the mode? Publisher Capcom hasn’t revealed anything itself, but thanks to a leak, we now know much more about what to expect.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Character Details Leaked

Shoutout to user Gosetsu, who data mined tons of info on the mode. This includes the available characters and their abilities in Mercenaries and released it on the RE Wiki Discord. According to the leak, the remake’s version of Mercenaries will feature one more character than the original: Luis joins the ranks, and fans of RE4 will surely be overjoyed about that news.

Gosetsu also revealed details on alternate costumes, the available stages, weapons and more. You can see them all in these Tweets by @ResiEvilCentral.

We were already hyped for Mercenaries, but this definitely stoked our fires even more. Can’t wait for April 7 when the mode finally comes out.

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