Leaker Reveals Return Of Classic Franchise

A leaker has just shared a quote on Twitter from a classic franchise. Usually this wouldn't be news, but the studio that currently own the rights to that franchise are about to have a massive showcase...so, yeah. This one looks to be legit.

Original alone int he dark
Recognize this? | © Atari SA

Are you a fan of cryptic game reveals? No, me neither. I find it annoying, and it's redundant in the age of the internet. Someone will inevitably solve the clue within seconds, Tweet the answer, and then we all know about it anyway.

Sadly, this article is about the return of a classic game franchise being cryptically revealed. At least it wasn't the publishers this time, just a leaker, but all the details seem to be true.

Classic Franchise Set For New Game Reveal Soon!

A Twitter leaker by the name of "The Snitch" (who's known for being a bit cringy and faux-mysterious), has recently shared a quote on his timeline that implies the return of a classic franchise. Rather than spoil all the fun and tell you what the classic franchise is, why not try and guess it based on the quote first?

Being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive.

Does that mean anything to you? How about a clue? One word from the franchise's name is in that quote. Okay, if you still haven't got it then you never will, it's from Alone in the Dark.

If you didn't get the quote then you might be unfamiliar with the games. This is a survival horror series which began way back in the nineties. The rights were sold to THQ Nordic in 2018, and we haven't heard anything about the franchise since. Until now.

THQ Nordic have a showcase on Friday, August 12, so based on this teaser, we think you can expect an update on what they're doing with Alone in the Dark. FYI, THQ Nordic stream all their showcases to their YouTube channel directly, so you can watch the showcase for yourself pretty easily. But, if you just want the highlights, head over to our gaming hub instead on Friday, and we'll keep you up to date.

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If the Alone in the Dark reveal turns out to be as disappointing as the price of the new God of War, then we're sorry.