Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Duality Explained | Where To Place The Orbs

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features Jedi Chambers where you have to solve some puzzles in order to complete them. We provide a full guide on how you can solve the Chamber of Duality and where you have to place the orbs to get all collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Duality
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Duality Guide – How to solve the Orb puzzle and get all collectibles. | © EA/EG

Every true Jedi must solve all the Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This is the way. Oh, wait, that was something else. Well, here we are and provide you a full guide on how to beat the Chamber of Duality, it's Orb puzzles and how you can get all collectibles along the way.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Duality Guide – How To Solve The Puzzle

We start by telling you where you can find the Chamber of Duality. On your journey in the main story on Koboh, the Chamber of Duality is your first encounter with the Jedi Chambers.

Once you squeezed into the chamber, you will find an Orb Coupler. Press L2 to pull the Orb from across the room and place the Orb into the Orb Coupler. A bridge will form out of nowhere, and you can cross to the other side.

Use your pull ability again to grab a contraption with a rope attached – this will open the door. Now, place the rope to the object behind you, and the door will stay open.

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Pass through that door, turn left immediately and make sure to collect the Datadisc. Afterward, you can grab the next purple Orb and toss it across the room where you came from. Aim towards the door holder and release the Orb.

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Duality – Where To Place The Orbs

Make sure to turn towards the middle of the room, where you can see two Orb Couplers. Grab the Orb you have just gotten from the room and place it in one of those two holders.

Turn around and pull the first Orb that unlocked the bridge and place it into the second Orb Coupler. Now, the bridge you can see in the picture below will form, and you can cross the bridge.

Chamber of Duality Guide Jedi Survivor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Duality – how to place the orbs. | © EA

If you made it to the other side, take a look at the wall to your left. Wall run across it and head to the chest where you can get a new Jedi paint. Head to the wall at the end of the passage and wall jump your way up to reach a higher level.

Here, you need to repeat the rope action. After you placed it into the holder, you can drop back down and help Zee escape. Shortly after, you'll get a new perk, resilience, which is revealed by Zee. Pick it up and continue your journey.

Well done, you mastered the Chamber of Duality now!

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In case you're still stuck there or don't know what to do, we got you. Here is a short video walkthrough of the Chamber of Duality:

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