Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Jedi Chambers Guide Hub

The Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are a brand-new feature that will ask patience, intelligence and dexterity from the player. In this hub, we're collecting guides to all Jedi Chambers in the game.

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All Jedi Chambers in Jedi Survivor guides you'll need. | © EA

Jedi Survivor is chock-full with different activities, features, puzzles and more. One of the new activities that wasn't in the predecessor, Fallen Order, is the solving of the Jedi Chambers. These ancient chambers offer special platforming and puzzle solving challenges which reward you with great goodies, which we will not spoil here.

We will, however, show you how to solve these Jedi Chambers. In this article, we have collected guides for all Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor Guides - All Jedi Chambers

There are six Jedi Chambers in the game. Here's a list of them, with a link to the corresponding guide:

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Those are our guides on the Jedi Chambers. If you need more help with Jedi Survivor, check out our other content on the game. Here's a small selection of our articles:

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