Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Connection Guide | Orbs, Echos, Datadiscs

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features Jedi Chambers where you have to solve some puzzles in order to complete them. We provide a full guide on howy ou can solve the Chamber of Connction, where you have to place the Orbs and Koboh Matter lines, as well as how to get all Echos and Datadiscs.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Conncetion Guide – Orbs, Echos, Datadiscs. | © EA/EG

Every true Jedi must solve all the Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi:Survivor. This is the way. Oh, wait, that was something else. Well, here we are and provide you a full guide on how to beat the Chamber of Connection, it's Orb puzzles and how you can get all collectibles along the way.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection Location – How To Enter

We start by telling you where you can find the Chamer of Connection. On your journey throughout the main story on Koboh, the Chamber of Connection is another optional Chamber for you to explore at any time. Best thing would be you do this chamber after the Main Objective 'Research Tanalorr' which you will find also on Koboh. You will need the Koboh Grinder from your companion BD-1 to create lines of Koboh Matter and make your way through the Chamber of Connection.

Search for the swampy Viscid Bog and go near the small hut. There, you can lift out a pillar which will reveal a Meditation Point. Activate it quickly and head to the zipline that leads across the mud. Watch out here! Before you slide the first zipline all the way to the end, look out for another zipline that crosses below the first one and leads to the left-hand side from you.

Take the first zipline and look to your left. Once you see the second zipline prepare yourself and jump onto it. It will lead to a huge pillar and a cave. You will land in the mud – which is fine. Make your way through it and stay on the right side. Once you passed the cave, you will see a grapple where you can rope up. You made it! Follow the path onto the broken bridge, and you will find yourself at the Chamber entrance.

Jedi survivor chamber of connection location where
Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection location – where to find. | © EA/vulkk

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection Puzzle Guide – Where To Place The Orbs And Koboh Matter Lines

Take the elevator down and go to the left behind the Orb Amplifier if you want to pick up the first Echo. Then, head straight forward to the golden and silver door. Step onto the rectangle plate to pen the door. Use the Force Pull to get the Orb behind it. Turn around and place the Orb in the Amplifier. A purple beam will form that leads to the elevator where you came from. Use BD-1 and his Koboh Grinder to lead the trail of Koboh Matter to the left of you to clear the door entrance.

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Head into the room on the right-hand side beside your clearing action and take the stairs up to your left. Don't take them to the end, but turn around and look for a wall run to your left. Perform it, and you reach the upper stage where a Datadisc can be collected. Now turn to the right, and you will find yourself one stage higher than before. You need to double jump and dash to reach the platform you can see in the picture below.

Jedi survivor chamber of connection orb how
Jedi Survivor: How to get through the Chamber of Connection. | © EA

Step onto the left plate to close the door you can see to the left ahead of you. Now, you can use BD-1 again and create a line of Koboh Matter. Make sure you stand on the first plate as long as it takes to cross it with this matter. Then you can move onto the second plate.

Lead the line to the left structure and destroy it. Optional: lead the line further across the room to your right. In the picture above, the Koboh Matter line has to be placed across the stone way you can see to the right of the beam. Drop all the way down to find a chest there with the Emitter Persistence in it.

Follow the rail you will find to your left (the way you cleared first). Wall jump up and follow the path. You can find another Echo at the end of this stage. Turn to your right and drop to the stage, where you see another Amplifier. Ignore it for now. Look out for the light that shines through your left, and go almost all the way to the end of this stage to find another Echo.

Make sure to also open the door to create a shortcut. Follow the path down to the first Amplifier and use BD-1's Koboh Matter. Lead the trail all the way back up to where you just came from and stop the line right to the right-hand side of the Amplifier. Now, Force Pull the Orb from down below up and place it into the Amplifier to from a bridge that leads to the other side. Cross the bridge and continue to form the line. Make your way up to the right and destroy the structure. Almost done now!

Jedi survivor chamber of connection koboh matter line
Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection – Create lines of Koboh Matter to make your way through the chamber. | © EA

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection – All Collectibles | Echos And Datadiscs

Speaking of the collectibles. If you have picked up the Datadisc you have all Datadiscs from the Chamber of Connection. There is one in total. But until now, you should have three Echos – and there is one more.

Go into the room that leads to the new perk, but ignore the reason you came here first. Head to the left back corner of this room and collect the fourth and last Echo. Now, you can go back and pick up the Recuperation Perk.

Well done, you mastered the Chamber of Connection now!

In case you're still stuck there or don't know what to do, we got you. Here is a full video walkthrough of the Chamber of Connection:

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