Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Fortitude Guide

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Chamber of Fortitude is a puzzle that requires a lot of cleverness and smart thinking. If those aren't your strengths, we'd love to help you solve it!

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Fortitude guide | © EA

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Chamber of Fortitude on Koboh is one of six Jedi chambers you must complete. During this task, Cal faces many adversities but also rewards hidden in the chamber taken over by the Bedlam Raiders.

To start this quest, you must first complete the Chamber of Clarity to get the key that will open the chamber for you, so you can begin your puzzling adventure.

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Fortitude Location

The Chamber of Fortitude is located on Rambler's Reach in Southern Reach, on Koboh.

Southern Reach Meditation Point location in Jedi Survivor
The Chamber of Fortitude location in Jedi Survivor. | © EA

To get inside, locate the corroded silo in the middle of the area and make your way to the roof of it. There you will find a hatch waiting for you, which you must enter to get inside the silo.

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Fortitude Rewards

As you walk through to the chamber itself, there are some nice gifts waiting for you, so look around well in search of chests. In turn, after defeating Anoth Estra, you'll only be spoiled with rewards!

The chamber contains collector's items such as:

  • Force Echo: World of Wonder
  • Two-Tone Metal
  • Datadisc
  • Force Echo: Hand In Hand

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Fortitude Puzzle Explained

The path to the chamber inside the silo will require good jumping skills and acrobatics in the air. Make sure you have the Merrin Charm, so you can pass through the green door barrier. Along the way, there is also an opportunity to unlock a shortcut, which you should take advantage of.

  • For the sophisticated movements and tricks you might want to have a good controller!

When you enter the silo through the hatch, open the gate in front of you and break through the green barrier, continuing to run along the wall. Then keep running to the other side of the silo. When you reach the wall, lower yourself slowly and grab onto the bar below before falling and throwing yourself towards the broken platform.

Ahead, lower the shutters and run along the wall until you reach the opposite end. Grab hold of the grating and it will slide you down.

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Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Fortitude Walkthrough. | © EA

Jump off the grating when it lands, and ride the zipline through the silo. Then go to the left side and up. Cross the path and use the elevator at its end.

On the lower level on the left is a ramp where you will find and open a shortcut. There is a huge gap on the right, and to cross it, you must grab the machinery and lift it to reveal a panel that you can run along the wall. Go through this gap and you will reach the entrance of the desired chamber.

When you arrive at the Chamber of Fortitude, you will face Anoth Estra, who is part of the Bedlam Raiders. This chamber is now basically a boss fight and a place full of loot!

Now, solving the puzzle of the Chamber of Fortitude seems quite simple, but remember that we are understanding and always there to help with such puzzles!

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