Ouch: Insider Says Starfield Could Be "Next Cyberpunk"

An insider from Bethesda revealed troubling info on Starfield...
Starfield Reveal1
Starfield could be in trouble... | © Bethesda

We are all excited for Starfield, but we also need to be careful. It's a huge RPG by Bethesda and yes, they have made Skyrim. But that was ages ago. They haven't really done anything that great since and these types of games are prone to being incredible messes. And that might happen to Starfield as well: According to an insider, Starfield might be in trouble...

Is Starfield Going To Be The Next Big Flop In Gaming?

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg revealed today, that part of the development team of Starfield are worried about the game. More concretely, the developers are quoted as having said the game might be the “Next Cyberpunk”. Damn... that hurts.

Now, first things first: Jason is one of the most experienced and reliable journalists in the gaming sphere, he definitely has the sources to pull quotes like this. But also, we don't want to bash on Starfield just yet. Yes, the potential for catastrophe is high, but the game has just been delayed to give the developers more time to get it right. And that's a great thing!

But it is troubling, of course it is. We all want Starfield to be good, we all want Bethesda to make their next big RPG hit. Let's hope we will get that, by the time Starfield comes out.

Microsoft and Bethesda have just announced a joint showcase, and while it hasn't been confirmed yet, we strongly expect Starfield to be shown there. Now let's hope it looks good...