Experts: The Last of Us For PC Is "Effectively A Beta"

The PC port for The Last of Us Part 1 had tons of issues at release and was universally disliked by fans. Now, the technical experts at Digital Foundry looked at the game and called it one of the worst ports in recent times.

The Last of Us Part 1 Cutscene
The Last of Us on PC is getting slammed by experts. | © Sony

After waiting for over ten years, PC players finally got The Last of Us Part 1 on their platform. And it was a disaster. The PC port had tons of issues, from huge loading times and frequent crashes to crazy glitches and much more, causing a huge backlash against this version of the game.

Now, Digital Foundry (DF), the leading experts for all things concerning the technical aspects of video games, published a thorough analysis of the port… and the results are not pretty.

The Last of Us on PC “Effectively A Beta” – Terrible Port Destroyed By Experts

In their hour-long video, DF show the game running on a high-end PC, a mid-range PC and a PS5. Even though the mid-range PC still sports an RTX 2070 Super with 8 GB VRAM, it struggles to deliver any kind of stable framerate.

According to the analysis, the port is so badly optimized, that only supercomputers with VRAM of at least 10 GB and top-of-the-line CPUs can effectively run the game in its current state. And even these crazy machines experience bugs and crashes.

The horrid state of this port leads the experts to call this “effectively a beta” and they even go as far as to say that the PC version deserves to be flushed down a toilet. Ouch…

If you want to dive deeper into the many, many issues with this port, check out the Digital Foundry video below. Developer Naughty Dog already released some hotfixes to address some issues, but the big problems will take some more time to be fixed. Let’s hope it won’t take another ten years…

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