The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure – Playtime

The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure playtime is already known as the game is finally coming out in the west. Here's how long the JRPG will keep you playing.

Trails To Azure Keyart
The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure Playtime | © NIS America

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure has finally arrived in the West, over 12 years after originally releasing for PSP in 2011. With a brand-new port coming for PlayStation, PC and Switch, players are probably wondering how long the JRPG will keep them busy. And, as usual for the genre, you can get a lot of mileage out of this game.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure: Playtime Revealed

Trails to Azure has a minimal playtime of around 45 hours, if you would just mainline the story. That’s not how you play a big RPG with tons of side content though, and Azure offers plenty of extra content outside of the main quest.

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Playing through all of that will take you around 100 hours, more than double that. We expect that most players won’t do every single thing the game has to offer, instead picking and choosing which side quests and other activities to complete. That means most players who’ll see the game through till the end will clock in somewhere in the middle of these two times, at around 70 hours.

Based on a fan translation from 2021, Azure is finally being brought to the west by NIS America with a new port, offering fans of the series to experience an important part of the story for the first time.

Set just a few months after the events of Trails from Zero, a temporary peace has settled over Crossbell and the Special Support Section find themselves with newfound fame and status, thanks to their heroic actions.However, the peace is soon broken with the rise of multiple organizations with ulterior motives. Framing these growing tensions is the increasing pressure from the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard, with Crossbell caught between them. With the safety of their home and the foundations of their team now on the line, Lloyd and his allies must gear themselves for the threats that loom ahead. Little do they know that Crossbell will soon become the stage for a climactic conflict that will determine its future...

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