V Rising Guide: How To Get Silver Ore

Silver is one of the rarest metals in V Rising. Here's the best way to farm this valuable resource.
V Rising How To Get Silver Ore
See here the best way to get Silver Ore in V Rising. | © V Rising

There are tons of different resources and materials in V Rising, that you will need to build your castle or craft weapons and armor. Among the most important resources are metals, and good ol' Silver is one of the most valuable ones in V Rising, as it is considered one of the rarest metals.

See here how to get Silver Ore in V Rising, what the best spots to farm it are, and what you can use this precious metal for.

How To Find Silver Ore In V Rising

V Rising Silver is rare and valuable, so you won't be able to just pick if up from the side of the street. It's in a pretty dangerous area called... guess what it's called, you'll never get it. Yes, the place where you get Silver from is obviously called Silverlight Hills. And Captain Obvious is not done, as the exact location you're going for is the Sacred Silver Mine. You really shouldn't be surprised about this.

Silverlight Hills is located in the most western part of the world. You will find the Sacred Silver Mine in the north of this region.

V Rising Sacred Silver Mine Location
You can find the Sacred Silver Mine here. | © Stunlock

We recommend being high level when entering this area to get V Rising Silver, you should have a gear level of at least 60. Try to sneak through to the mine entrance, and then get ready to be absolutely battered by holy warriors. The venture will be difficult, but it will be worth it.

An important note: you're a vampire in V Rising, and those bloodsuckers famously don't get along with Silver. The antipathy is obviously present in this game as well. Even though you use the metal as a resource, carrying Silver Ore will actually hurt you. You also won't be able to transform, sorry. But: You can counter this effect with silver resistance potions, which you can craft at an alchemy table.

How To Use Silver in V Rising

There are two ways to use Silver in V Rising. You can turn Silver Ore into two different materials, that you can then further use for crafting. For one of these methods, you will need a Furnace in your castle. It works just like it does for other metals in V Rising, like iron.

  1. Melt the Silver Ores into Silver Ingots for various crafting purposes
  2. Use a Scourgestone to turn the Silver Ores into Dark Silver. Unlike normal Silver, this material won't hurt you and can be used to craft powerful late-game weapons.