V Rising Guide: How To Get Gold Ingots

Gold is one of the most valuable metals in V Rising. See here to find gold and make gold ingots in V Rising.
V Rising How To Get Gold
See here how to get Gold Ingots in V Rising. | © Stunlock

When you're in the endgame in V Rising, and you realize that you're running around with schlobby gear, getting smacked left and right and center by all the enemies in the game, you know you need some gold in your life. Gold is one of the rarest metals in V Rising and with it, you can craft some of the best gear in the game. But this stuff is valuable for a reason. Gold is not easy to find in V Rising, so we will show you how to do it.

In this guide, we will show you the best ways to find Gold in V Rising. You will also see how you can make Gold Ingots, which you will need to craft better weapons and armor.

How To Get Gold Ingots in V Rising

Getting Gold in V Rising is not easy, as you need to unlock the recipe first by defeating a strong boss and then need to farm a rare item. But we'll get to it all, don't you worry. You first need to unlock the recipe for Gold Ingots by defeating “Azariel the Sunbringer”. This dude can be pretty nasty, but he shouldn't be too much of a problem if you're leveled up enough. You can do it.

Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer and unlock the Gold Recipe

V Rising Brighthaven Cathedral
Here's where you will find Azariel. | © Stunlock

Azariel the Sunbringer is a Level 68 V Blood Carrier located in the Brighthaven Cathedral of Silverlight Hills, a great area for farming silver. More precisely, you can find him in Brighthaven Cathedral. Go to your blood altar and pick up the trail to find him. Azariel will mainly spam you with ranged attacks, which you should be able to dodge. Thankfully, he doesn't summon any adds, which makes the fight easier. Once you defeat him, you will unlock the recipe for Gold Ingots.

How To Craft Gold Ingots

Now that you have the recipe, you will be able to make Gold Ingots in your castle's furnace. But, you will first need to find the right resources. Here's what you need to get Gold Ingot in V Rising:

  • 8 Sulfur
  • 8 Golden Jewelry

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding Sulfur, since it's a pretty common resource in V Rising. Golden Jewelry is a bit trickier to find though, since it's quite rare. Your best bet of finding Golden Jewelry is in Brighthaven, where you fought Azariel. You can not just find it in the Cathedral, but also in other areas of Brighthaven. Once you collected enough geerly, you can go to your castle and smelt the material into gold ingots.