Watch Out! Star Wars Jedi Survivor Spoilers Found Online

A leaker who apparently received a copy of Star Wars Jedi Survivor early has leaked much of the information online. So be careful and mindful when scouring the online world for some information on the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been leaked online... | © EA

For anyone looking to play Respawn Entertainment's next big Star Wars hit without a single spoiler, we implore you to tread carefully through the online space for a while, since much of the story and other information has leaked online.

Be careful what you open up and which Twitter accounts you look at, because one leaker has revealed information on the ending, characters, as well as planets that you can visit in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Information Leaked on Twitter

A leaker who received the game early has gone on Twitter and revealed a lot of information on the upcoming title from EA's Resawn Entertainment. The leaks include screenshots and details of the game, as found by Angie on ResetEra – please be aware of spoilers in the link!

Now leaks are nothing new when it comes to gaming, right? Just last year a teenager leaked incredible amounts of information from early development of GTA 6 and there are consistent leaks in every other game as well.

In this case, EA also took notice of the leaks and even put out a statement of their own, warning players of the leaks, even stating that their tweet is spoiler free.

We're beyond excited for everyone to experience Star Wars: Jedi Survivor this week. We ask that you please be mindful of others and avoid posters or sharing spoilers. And remember, BD is watching

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and will release on April 28, 2023 for multiple platforms. So even if you're curious, there isn't much time left until the game is going to release. Can you stay a bit more patient?

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