Wonder Woman Release Date | Latest News & Leaks | Everything You Need to Know

The developers behind Middle Earth: Shadow of War are coming back with another game, except this time we're playing as Diana of Themyscira, or as you might know her, Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman is coming to next-generation consoles, and we couldn't be more excited! | © Monolith Productions and Warner Brother Games

Have you ever wanted to become an Amazonian warrior? Well, the opportunity is closer than you think. It’s been announced that Monolith Productions is developing a Wonder Woman game, and that’s exciting.

Monolith Productions announced Wonder Woman during the 2021 Game Awards Show, and there was an immediate excitement in the air. Monolith is the team behind Middle Earth: Shadow of War & Shadow of Mordor. Both considered incredible games from the last generation of consoles.

Warner Brother Games will publish the upcoming Wonder Woman game, with the publisher stating that Wonder Woman Is a single-player open-world action game with an original story for Diana of Themyscira.

Unfortunately, details on this upcoming game are minimal. As we mentioned, Monolith Productions announced this game less than one year ago. Moreover, Warner Brothers are more focused on upcoming titles like Hogwarts Legacy or Gotham Knights. Oh, that’s right, Warner Brothers is busy!

Is Wonder Woman Coming Out In 2023?

If you haven’t been able to tell, Wonder Woman isn’t coming out anytime soon. We shouldn’t expect this game to arrive until 2024 or later, as Monolith Productions hasn’t shown any gameplay footage of Diana.

Regardless of when Wonder Woman is released, it will arrive for next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Other than that, we cannot say much about this upcoming release. Everything remains in secret…for now.

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Everything about the upcoming Wonder Woman game is speculative, but we’ll have some official information for you soon. Until then, let’s speculate!

Diana of Themyscira is ready to face her biggest enemy yet in the upcoming Wonder Woman game | © Monolith Productions and Warner Brother Games

The announcement trailer notes that Diana of Themyscira will fight to unite the Amazonian warriors & humans of the modern world. We’re guessing that Wonder Woman is working to join these groups for a greater cause, with that cause being an enemy. Could that larger enemy be Ares, the God of War? Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

The trailer states, “My daughter, a new threat has come to our shores”. This tells us that throughout her lifetime, Diana has already left the Amazonians to attend to her own life. Now, she must return home to fight against an unknown enemy and Wonder Woman’s mother wouldn’t call unless the enemy were overwhelmingly powerful. This is what makes us believe that Ares will play some role.

Again, reporters like myself have spoken about the possibilities of what Wonder Woman could include. But we aren’t guaranteed to be correct, and our sentiments should be taken with a grain of salt.

Is Wonder Woman Getting Released On The Xbox And PC?

Here’s where we can start confirming some things for you, as Wonder Woman is launching to next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X/S. Unfortunately, we've had no confirmation that Monolith Productions is developing a PC version of Wonder Woman.

This would be disappointing for fans of the Amazonian Princess, but we would argue that a PC port is inevitable. Don’t lose faith!

Will Wonder Woman Be Part Of The Xbox Game Pass?

We’re unsure about the possibility of Wonder Woman coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that PlayStation redesigned their version of PS+. It could be that Warner Brothers Games is convinced to join PlayStation over Xbox.

The Lasso of Trust, Wonder Woman's greatest weapon | © Monolith Productions and Warner Brother Games

The chances of this happening are small, as Warner Brothers have already released largescale titles like Back 4 Blood onto the Xbox Game Pass. This stands to reason that Wonder Woman would get a similar release after making its initial profit. Here’s hoping that we can download this game for free by 2026.

Wonder Woman Game Trailer

This trailer doesn’t provide much information on the upcoming Wonder Woman game. We don’t see any gameplay mechanics or environments. Instead, we see the armor of Wonder Woman slowly revealed over 42 Seconds. All the while, Diana’s mother says that her princess must return home and save her people.

You wouldn’t think this is enough to get excited, but it’s quite the contrary. You can’t help but to want to experience this adventure immediately. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait a few years.

Game System Requirements

As previously mentioned, we aren’t sure Monolith Productions and Warner Brother Games will release Wonder Woman onto the PC. Moreover, this game isn’t expected to release for a few years. It would be irresponsible to provide you with a description of system requirements, as they would be false for now. But we’ll update you once anything changes.