Wreckfest 2: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

After the success of Wreckfest on the Xbox Game Pass, there have been discussions about an upcoming sequel, and we have detailed everything you need to know about the possibility of Wreckfest 2.

Wreckfest A1
Wreckfest 2 could be coming sooner than you think | @ Bugbear Entertainment

Bugbear Entertainment developed an unexpected masterpiece with Wreckfest in 2014. At the time, nobody expected that Wreckfest would become an influential game played by millions. But that’s what happened. After eight years, Bugbear Entertainment continues to release new content for the game.

These updated seasons and racing tournaments have allowed Wreckfest to prolong its lifespan. However, players want another additional entry into this franchise with Wreckfest 2. But what do we know about this game? Is it even being developed by Bugbear Entertainment? Let’s find out as we break down every rumor and leak on Wreckfest 2.

Unfortunately, Bugbear Entertainment hasn’t announced the development of Wreckfest 2. Instead, they have continued to update the original game with new content. This means we could be waiting for an extended period of time as Bugbear Entertainment focuses on the “Racing Legends Tournament – May to June 2022”.

Despite the lack of information on this game, we have noticed that Bugbear Entertainment is updating Wreckfest 1 with new features. This could suggest that Wreckfest 2 is being internally developed. For instance, spectator mode was included in the PC and Console versions of Wreckfest 1.

We believe that Wreckfest 2 has begun its internal development, and we’re here to speculate what this upcoming sequel could bring in terms of derby-style action.

Is Wreckfest 2 Coming Out In 2023?

There’s a low chance that Bugbear Entertainment will launch Wreckfest 2 in 2023. That’s because the internal development of this upcoming sequel hasn’t been announced. Therefore, expect a release date closer to 2024.

Wreckfest B2
When will we get our hands on Wreckfest 2? | @ Bugbear Entertainment

Bugbear Entertainment could launch Wreckfest 2 during the original game's 10th anniversary. However, we haven’t any inside sources to confirm the possibility of this release date.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Wreckfest 2

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any information on the setting and story for Wreckfest 2. This information isn’t known to anyone in the gaming industry. However, an assortment of features for this upcoming game has been detailed.

  • Photo Mode
  • Spectator Mode
  • Qualifying Mode
  • Multiplayer Tournament Cups

Wreckfest launched with a photo mode that was meant for offline modes. However, Bugbear Entertainment updated Wreckfest in May 2022. This update allowed for photo modes to be utilized throughout multiplayer sessions. Spectator modes were added for online sessions. The admin or moderator of that multiplayer event could set players as spectators, allowing for improved streaming.

We expect that Wreckfest 2 will have formidable streaming options that rival F1 22. Therefore, tournaments could be viewed by millions as spectators could become race directors & stewards for the online session. It’s noted that these online tournaments will improve tenfold as Bugbear Entertainment has added multiplayer cups to Wreckfest. We expect this feature to be included with Wreckfest 2. However, zero confirmations have been made that Bugbear Entertainment included this feature in their sequel.

Wreckfest C3
Qualifying modes should appear in Wreckfest 2 | @ Bugbear Entertainment

Qualifying modes were recently introduced into Wreckfest, and players have widely adopted the feature. It’s allowed drivers to compete in a Qualifying Sprint or Qualifying Lap for their grid position. We would be shocked if Bugbear Entertainment didn’t reintroduce this feature into Wreckfest 2, as it’s allowed the online experience to become more refined and enjoyable for players.

Bugbear Entertainment won’t exclusively focus on the improvement of online modes. You can expect this developer to upgrade the graphics, damage models, and gameplay mechanics for Wreckfest. If they didn’t accomplish this task, Wreckfest 2 would feel outdated. It’s been obsolete, and now Bugbear Entertainment has to show us what they're made of… again.

Is Wreckfest 2 Coming To Xbox Series X/S And PC?

When THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment release the sequel for Wreckfest, they’ll launch the game across every platform. This means the Xbox Series X/S and PC, with additional support for the PS5 and Steam Deck.

Wreckfest D4
Oval races will make a return in the 2nd Wreckfest | @ Bugbear Entertainment

This is guaranteed as Wreckfest is available on the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s noted that Bugbear Entertainment launched an improved version of the original Wreckfest for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Wreckfest 2 Part Of Xbox Game Pass?

THC Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment launched Wreckfest onto the Xbox Game Pass on February 16th, 2021. This release immediately boosted its popularity and caused the community to grow tenfold. Since then, requests for a sequel have increased tenfold. It would be shocking if Microsoft didn’t request that THC Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment develop a sequel for Wreckfest. Some inside sources are speculating that Microsoft has already made this request.

If the internal development of Wreckfest 2 has begun, it’s almost guaranteed that THC Nordic would launch this game as an Xbox Game Pass day-one exclusive. However, we haven’t confirmed the possibility of this negotiation or agreement. We will update you when more information is provided about this upcoming game.

Game Trailer

As you guessed, there isn’t an announcement trailer for Wreckfest 2. We don’t have any gameplay footage to show you for now. Despite that, we hope you’ve enjoyed our insightful look into Wreckfest 2. You can watch gameplay footage from the original game to better understand what this derby-styled racer is all about!