Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open Disillusionment Chests AKA Those With The Creepy Eye

There are so many cute things in Hogwarts Legacy, but these creepy Disillusionment chests are not included. Here is how you can open them quickly.

Hogwarts Legacy disillusionment chest
Hogwarts Legacy: Why is that Disillusionment chest staring so creepily at me? | © WB Games

So you innocently walk through Hogwarts Legacy, trying to find all the chests and suddenly one of them just jumps at the mere sight of you! Now you might be confused what you need to do against this mighty foe, but do not fret for I have the answer and it's rather simple.

A small hint for those that still want to have a go at the puzzle themselves: Look at the symbol beneath the eye.

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking A Disillusionment Chest With The Creepy Eye

These chests really have a creepiness factor to them, right? Which means we need to open them quickly and go on to look at all the cute stuff in the game.

Here is the answer to your problem in three words: The Disillusionment Charm

Hogwarts Legacy disillsionment chest close
Hogwarts Legacy: The symbol from up close shows you the answer | © WB Games

Our troublemaker always reacts when it sees you, so the solution is to not be seen. The easiest way is to quickly cast this spell to make yourself invisible and voilà – open chest incoming! Simply put the charm on your spell wheel, cast the spell outside the chest's view and then open it.

Sadly, this isn't possible from the beginning. Disillusionment can only be used after unlocking it in the eight main scenario quest. A certain character will teach it to you. After that it's freely usable.

The chests contain galleons, which makes them really worthwhile, when you are running low.

Remember, to find chests and other goodies, Revelio is your very best friend. And now go and open those damn chests!

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