LoL Ages of Runeterra Skins: Release Date, Price & Champions

Soon Riot will be releasing their first ever novel. Ruination will hit bookshelves in September and to celebrate the story and hard work, we're getting some canon in-game skins. Will we receive more skins in this skin line, though?

King Viego Skin Splash
Viego skin that's good? Hell yeah! | © Riot Games

September 6, 2022. Mark the date because it's when Riot will finally release their upcoming League of Legends novel Ruination. This book is going to feature some of our favorite League of Legends champions, like Kalista, Hecarim and, of course, Viego.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming book, Riot is also adding in some canon skins onto Summoner's Rift and well... let's be real. This upcoming Viego skin should just be his base skin from now on, right? It's amazing and gives him a unique new look. But who else could we see in the Ages of Runeterra skin line in the future?

Ages of Runeterra: King Viego Revealed

King Viego is going to be the first skin in this skin line, but with Riot already giving it its own category, we predict that more champions will be getting skins in this skin line in the future. For example, a human Hecarim? That would just be epic. Or even a human pre-Ruination Thresh.

Riot has revealed many of the human faces of their champions with this upcoming book, with special made bookmarks and much more. So we hope to see all of them as champion skins one day. But which skin did we receive for now? King Viego.

Canon LoL Lore not your thing? Then just beat the crap out of the champs you hate in Project L:

King Viego Skin Cost

This skin will likely be an epic skin and is going to cost you a mere 1350 RP. This isn't a legendary skin, which will set it in the same price range as most skins Riot releases these days. The backing animation is new – and dare we say, one of the best Riot has created in a while – and the abilities look incredible, so it's totally worth the money.

Ages of Runeterra King Viego Release Date

This skin is going to be released in League of Legends Patch 12.17, which is set to drop on September 8, 2022. So, get ready for this upcoming Viego skin, but there are going to be more skins released then as well, so don't worry, we're not just getting one single skin in the next League of Legends Patch.

Potential Champions for More Ages of Runeterra Skins

We doubt that Viego is going to be the only champion getting a skin in this skin line. We could see more champions that are part of the Ruination lore getting skins in this skin line. Maybe Kalista, Hecarim or Thresh? We could also see new champions added from characters in the book... Isolde is this you? A doll skin for Gwen would also be pretty epic.

Thus far, we can only speculate, but there are a few champions we've got in mind that would look incredible with skins from this skin line. What do you guys think? Let us know on Discord!