League of Legends: Aurelion Sol CGU Suffers From Major Bugs Ahead of Release

Aurelion Sol's CGU is set to be released with LoL Patch 13.3, but some fans have found some pretty... interesting bugs. Can you even play him in the state he's currently in?

Aurelion Sol no skin
Vandiril is at it again! | © Riot Games

Ahead of his release, the new Aurelion Sol rework has some pretty interesting bugs in his kit which players have found. The new rework of the champion is going to be the first Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU) Riot has done on a champion, meaning they'll change his kit and improve it, without touching upon his skins and visuals, nor his lore.

There had been some concern regarding the CGU and whether it'll be released on time due to the recent cyberattack, but it seems that with him landing on the PBE for Patch 13.3, fans can breathe easy. Now, some interesting bugs have surfaced ahead of his release on live servers.

LoL Content Creator Finds Multitude of Funny Bugs in Aurelion Sol CGU

One person who really made a name for themselves in the fall of 2022 was none other than YouTuber Vandiril, who found a multitude of game breaking bugs. Now, he's at it again, doing what he does best, finding bugs which make the community bring out the '200 years of game design' meme once more.

So, what bugs has Vandiril found for ASol's CGU? Well, one of them involves all of his abilities. If you're near a wall and channel your Q while flying with W and then use your E in select locations, Aurelion Sol will somehow fall under the map and mesh together with the terrain.

Just watch this video from Vandiril you won't believe how weird this looks:

This honestly just looks so weird and is kind of funny. In this state you'll randomly teleport short distances. How can you fix this bug? Hitting a blast cone, but good luck finding one.

Vandiril didn't stop there though and has even found other bugs. One of which only happens when there are two Aurelion Sols in the game. So this might not happen in your ranked games, but if you were to ever play 'All For One' with ASol, this could happen.

Aurelion Sol's new Q causes champions to take more damage after 1 second of it being channelled. Now, if you've got a second Aurelion Sol on your side, then this damage is just insane. Oh, and the 1-second windup seems to be reduced to 0.

These bugs have given the community some new fodder to meme the devs. We just hope that some of these issues can be fixed ahead of his release or at least quickly after release, since he will be a hot commodity once he goes live, with how long people have waited for these changes.

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