Riot Reveals Bel'Veth to the World

For months we've been speculating about the upcoming Void Jungler, but finally Riot dropped the trailer for this magnificent new champion. Let's go over everything we know.
Bel Veth trailer kaisa
Who else is hyped for this champion? | © Riot Games

We have waited patiently for anything to drop about Bel'Veth the newest Void champion. Kai'Sa, who was released in 2018 was the last champion from the region and let's be honest she isn't exactly 'Void-y', right? So now, with the release of Bel'Veth we've finally got a new creature coming to destroy Runeterra.

On May 20, 2022 Riot released the trailer of the new champion, showing off her beauty and her frightening aura. Seriously, this is everything we wanted this champion to be so let's analyze the cinematic that Riot released.

Cinematic Setting

The setting is, of course, in the Void. We follow a central character to the story, Kai'Sa right after her fight with Rek'Sai. It seems that this cinematic picks up right when the Season 12 intro cinematic stopped. Because it kicks off with Kai'Sa falling and landing down in the Void somewhere.

She spots some purple glowing butterflies hauling a little toy boat along and follows them. This is a clear reminder of the leaked Bel'Veth teaser we got for Malzahar a few days ago, where a young child was seen playing with the exact same toy boat and the same butterflies in the image. Is this even more proof that the child in the teaser is Kai'Sa?

The whole teaser changes the moment that some corrupted Void goo grips the toy boat, literally eating the butterflies off it and exploding into a swarm of Void fish that rush towards their Empress, thus revealing our main character — Bel'Veth.

Bel'Veth Appearance

Bel'Veth knows who Kai'Sa is, calling her by name. Not only that, but she gives us total Lissandra vibes in the first few moments of the cinematic. Bel'Veth is all we wanted this grand empress of the Void to be.

She asks Kai'Sa what she is and announces her plans to devour everything in her sight and her plans to destroy Runeterra.

Bel'Veth also reveals that she more than just a puppet of the Watchers, having become a Void creature with its own mind and plan, unlike any other Voidlings. This sets her apart from all other Void creatures we've met before

"I'm the end of your world."

My spanish might not be the best, but that is one hell of a line Bel'Veth spouts. Her lore better be as dark and insane as this trailer made her out to be.

Finally, Bel'Veth is released upon Runeterra and she is incredible. She might be 'sexy' which many did not want, but her true transformation is truly horrifying and everything we imagined it to be. Who else is excited to see the in-game model?

Thank you, League of Legends LATAM for accidentally posting this trailer early.