Gothic Skins To Be Revamped In 2022

When I was, a young boy, my father took me into the city... alright guys, it's time to announce who won the thematic poll for 2022, and it's pretty obvious that the Gothic skins will be reworked in 2022.

Goth Annie Splash HD
Annie just got a new Goth splash art... this is destiny. | © Riot Games

So, now that we know who will receive the next visual and gameplay update, it’s time to also check out which skin thematic is going to be receiving a revamp in 2022. We had three options and only one could prevail and much like the VGU poll, this one also ended in a landslide win.

It’s 2022, and it’s about time we get nostalgic about our middle-school aesthetic, which is why Riot is going to be reworking the gothic and emo thematic for 2022.

Which Champions Are Part Of The Gothic Thematic?

The gothic thematic only has three champions, but these are skins in desperate need of a rework. They could be incredible and as Reav3 explained in his blog post that they’re looking at various shades of black to improve these skins immensely.

Personally, I also voted for the Gothic theme, because getting a revamped Emumu is something I desperately need in my life. Give him some more eyeliner, write a few Gerard Way quotes into his voice lines and world peace will be achieved.

Okay, all jokes aside, these are the champions that are part of the Gothic skin line:

  • Emumu
  • Goth Annie
  • Gothic Orianna

Which Skin Thematic Was The Runner-Up?

There were a total of three thematics to choose from. Gothic won by a huge margin, gaining 49.4% of votes, while Infernal managed 25.4% and Arclight 25.1%. There really was no chance for the other two thematics. Gothic is too strong.

What Direction Will The Gothic Revamp Go?

In the same blog post, Reav3 stated that the team is currently working on figuring out which direction to take the skin line in. Whether the skin line is going to be dark and serious or lighter and fun is still being decided.

But as I mentioned, as long as we get some Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Bring me the Horizon quotes, it’ll be the best skin series in all of League of Legends. Fans just want their middle-school aesthetic to be represented.

When Will The Gothic Revamp Be Released?

This is likely going to take some time, so don’t expect the Gothic revamp to come out soon. We do predict it to be released sometime later in 2022 though – maybe around September or October.

So get ready, bring out the eyeliner, because we’re hopping into a time machine and going back to 2011 to enjoy some old school punk rock with this upcoming Gothic theme. Renata Glasc-er? I hardly know her! We’re only seeing Annie, Amumu and Orianna.