Is Riot Releasing An Emo Band?

Riot Music has teased a potential emo band in League of Legends. Or are they just playing with our hearts?

Lo L Emo Band
Will we see an emo band? | © Riot Games/When We Were Young Festival

You have heard of K/DA, sang along to True Damage and cheered for Pentakill at their concert this summer, right? Well, it seems like Riot might not be done with their musical acts just yet. Finally, the words I’ve been dreaming of for the last 4 years have been spoken… or well written.

Just a vibe check… emo band?

This announcement comes shortly after the lineup of the When We Were Young festival was announced. My Chemical Romance, A Day to Remember, Dashboard Confessional and Avril Lavigne are some of the names on the list. Maybe we could add another band of LoL champions as well, eh?

Will Riot Debut Another Musical Group?

In 2021, we got the much-anticipated return of Pentakill, while in 2020, K/DA made their comeback along with Seraphine. Sure, True Damage hasn’t had a chance to produce a second song, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a second single this year or in the coming years.

Whether it’s the mere nostalgia of better times that prompted this tweet, or if Riot is really considering adding a whole new musical act to their resume isn’t confirmed. But honestly, no one would be opposed to an emo/post-hardcore League of Legends band.

So, unfortunately, it isn’t confirmed whether we get a Bring Me The Horizon style band in 2022, but keep your fingers crossed.

Which Champions Are In The LoL Emo Band?

There are quite a few options of champions for this emo band. Everyone on Summoner’s Rift is a little emo, right? Right. But some champions really do stand out for this project, one of them being Kayn. He’s got the visuals perfectly designed for such a project.

Of course, we also cannot forget Aphelios, who has the Gerard Way hair down, as well as some of the best emo make-up from any other champion in League of Legends. So an emo band without Aphelios just doesn’t make sense.

Morgana is another champion who fits the concept perfectly. She would suit a post-hardcore band, as well as Vex. Those two could be a power duo in the group.

Some fans have also suspected Sett, Ezreal and Rakan to be a part of the group, but until now it’s just speculation and wishful thinking. Though Rakan with emo get-up would be a sight to see. Maybe he’ll finally be able to impress his emo girlfriend Xayah?

The emo band is not yet confirmed by Riot, but we do know that LoL Patch 12.02 is just around the corner and that Zeri will be released, along with a beautiful Withered Rose skin. So until the emo band is out, we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got.