TSM Have Worst LCS Start in Org History

TSM fall short as they head into week 3 of the LCS Spring Split, but which teams have impressed us thus far?

TSM Bad Start
Can TSM turn their season around? | © Riot Games

TSM, TSM, TSM… those aren’t the chants we are hearing right now in the LCS with the team getting off to the worst start in the organizations' history. Which teams have managed to break the storied teams back in the second week of the LCS?

Let’s check out the winners and losers of the 2022 LCS Spring Split Week 2. Which teams should go back to champions queue to practice, and which teams are dominating thus far?

Tied For First

Multiple teams are tied for first – five teams, to be exact. Half the LCS has a record of 3-1 after the second weekend of LCS action. Immortals took a surprising win off of 100 Thieves, who bounced back in their second game of the week to earn a 3-1 record.

FlyQuest were also handed their first loss of the season against Team Liquid, with Bjergsen climbing the LCS kill ladder. Team Liquid had a great weekend, going 2-0 to make up for their loss in their first game of the 2022 LCS Spring Split.

Cloud9 were also handed their first loss of the year against none other than Golden Guardians, and Dignitas also lost one match to Evil Genius in their Saturday match, earning themselves a 3-1 record. Who would have thought that Dignitas was going to be a top contender?

Playing Spoiler In Week 2 Of The LCS

Golden Guardians had a horrendous 0-2 start at the 2022 LCS Spring Split, but truth be told, did anyone expect anything different from the team? This week, the team managed to recover from the shock of witnessing Soraka in the mid lane in week 1 and took the LCS by storm, earning two victories against TSM and CLG.

Evil Genius once again went 1-1 this weekend, beating Dignitas, but falling short against Ssumday and 100 Thieves. This isn’t the same EG we saw during the Lock In tournament. Let’s hope they’ll be able to gain some confidence in the coming weeks.

The Bottom Three Teams

Immortals managed a surprise win over 100 Thieves this weekend, earning their first victory and moving up to 1-3. They’re the sole proprietor of eight place, with both TSM and CLG going 0-4 to start the season and sharing the final two spots.

Will TSM be able to get their shit together and move up the standings, or is this Chinese team meant to crash and burn? What can TSM do to improve in the coming weeks? So many questions, and all we can do is sit and watch as we wait for the next weekend of LCS action.

Until then, we have to amuse ourselves with some romantic skins – because let’s be real, we are all single here – and learn to master the next League of Legends champion, Renata Glasc.