TSM Get Second Win In LCS Spring Split

The LCS has hit the midway point and things are heating up as we near the playoffs. Who will make it to this year's MSI?

Blaber C9
When will fans be able to watch games live once more? | © Riot Games

TSM has called back Shenyi into their main roster, but has it brought any difference in this week’s games? As the LCS is halfway through the Spring Split we’re getting a more accurate picture of which teams are top tier and which have no chance of playoffs.

Let’s quickly recap just what happened in this week 5 of the LCS.

C9 & TL Cement Themselves At The Top

After the whole C9 fiasco after week 2, many had thought that Cloud9 would implode, but ever since Max Waldo has taken over as head coach the team has looked incredibly clean. Cloud9 managed two wins this weekend once more, increasing their record to 9 - 2.

Team Liquid has been a solid team as well. CoreJJ sat out Week 4 superweek due to personal reasons, but he was back this week, leading the team to two victories against 100 Thieves and Immortals. It is looking like it’ll be a C9 TL final for the 2022 LCS Spring Split playoffs after five weeks of play.

TSM Manage Second Win

Our newest League of Legends intern is especially excited to report that TSM has scraped together their second win of the 2022 Spring Split — poor fella still has hopes for TSMthey took on Golden Guardians — who went 0 - 2 this weekend — and put together a solid performance. Does this mean they’re finally listening to Shenyi’s shot calling?

On the bottom end of the ladder also sits Counter Logic Gaming, who didn’t get a single win this weekend, losing to both 100 Thieves and Dignitas. No one had expected much of the roster, but it’s still sad to see two of the original esports orgs making up the bottom of the barrel.

Three-Way Tie for 5th Place

Evil Genius, Dignitas, and Golden Guardians make up the middle of the LCS with a record of 5 - 6 after week 5 of the Spring Split. These teams are all fighting for the fifth and sixth spot to make it into the Mid-Season Showdown and hope to qualify for the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational.

Evil Genius is the shoo-in with a strong performance last year, as well as during the 2022 Lock-In tournament. They have to find their footing though to make it into the Loser’s Round of the playoffs.

So much can happen with another 3 weeks of play. Will Golden Guardians surprise us all? How many more trees will FlyQuest plant this season? And can Immortals, who are currently sitting at 4 Wins and 7 Loses, somehow make it into the playoffs?

Table After Week 5 of LCS

Team Liquid9-2
4100 Thieves6-5
5Evil Genius5-6
Golden Guardians5-6


Counter Logic Gaming3-8