LoL Patch 12.03 Preview

Let's see what we know about the upcoming changes in LoL Patch 12.03.
Withered Rose Elise Splash
I don't usually like spiders, but this skin is epic. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 12.02 was huge. So many changes have hit the rift, like a nerf to our much-loved chemtech drake, as well as a visual update to the most fun-to-play-against top laner – Vayne. Please note all the sarcasm.

So, what could we expect in Patch 12.03? Are there any big changes coming our way? Zeri was just released, and we know that a new support is in the works, but would they release her so soon after the hyperactive ADC?

Ahri Rework in Patch 12.03

Though we are unsure whether Patch 12.03 is going to be the official release for the Ahri ASU, we know that it will hit PBE pretty soon and often, what is on PBE gets released the next patch, which means that they’ve been working on Ahri’s rework for a while.

If you’re curious about all the planned changes, don’t worry, we have a whole article outlining what Ahri is currently going through under the watchful eye of the League of Legends balance team. Your main girl isn’t being destroyed, she’s actually going to be a lot more impactful!

Ahri has been in need of a rework, both her abilities and her visuals, for a while, having been released in 2011 and being one of the older champions in League of Legends. Now, if only Cho’Gath, Corki and Zilean could get the same love and attention…

Skins Released In LoL Patch 12.03.

Zeri is going to be released with a Withered Rose skin, but there are more skins part of this AU. Last year, we got Zyra, Syndra, Talon and Swain. There were quite a few Crystal Rose skins released exclusively in Wild Rift (booo!), but don’t worry, League of Legends will have a wedding of their own.

In LoL Patch 12.03, three more champions will receive Crystal and Withered Rose skins to add to the collection.

These are the champions that will get Crystal and Withered Rose skins:

  • Elise
  • Janna
  • Akshan

Zeri already received her skin with her debut in LoL Patch 12.02. She is a bit early for the wedding, but that’s alright, no one is really mad, just excited to test out this lightning fast ADC, right?

When Is LoL Patch 12.03 Going To Be Released?

The next patch will be released two weeks from now. It’ll be released a day after the Lunar New Year, on Wednesday 2 February 2022. So make sure to get your festival skins during the Lunar Revel event!