Malphite Visual Update In The Works

He already got a huge upgrade in Wild Rift, but in League of Legends, Malphite is still nothing more than a blocky rock. Will a visual update help the big mountainous champion out?

Marble Malphite
Please update this skin Riot. | © Riot Games

In Wild Rift, Riot has already given our boy Malphite a visual makeover, making him actually look kind of cool, right? Well... as cool as a pile of rocks can be, but they've definitely improved the top laner visually already, and it seems we might be getting a Malphite VFX update soon.

So, what can we expect from Riot in this regard, and how come we think Malphite will be receiving a visual update soon? Well, that's what we're going to look at today. Please Riot, make Malphite a sexy rock in the coming months. Just imagine those chiseled six-pack rock-hard abs. Okay, sorry about that awful pun...

Reave3 Teases Malphite Visual Update

We set our eyes upon Reddit for this one. Of course, most of the teasers and leaks we get spread on Reddit first. Lead champion producer, Reav3 answered a comment on a thread in the UdyrMains Subreddit, asking whether Malphite would also be getting a VGU in the future or some form of update since he is as old as Udyr and that it seems "that every day he gets worse".

Reav3 might not have given much insight to the initial worries of the Udyr VGU and his updated passive, but he did take time to tell the player that Malphite would be more likely to receive a visual update, rather than a complete VGU since he might have a simple kit, but a fun one nonetheless.

I think Malphite probably needs a VU or ASU at some point rathe then a VGU. His kit is simple but it's still fun and works well, and it's ok to have some simpler champions in the game

What Could A Reworked Malphite Look Like?

Malphite has already gotten a visual rework in Wild Rift, looking much better. Sure, you could argue that every champion looks better in Wild Rift, which, if we're serious, they really do. But this could mean that Riot already has an upgraded model out there, now they would just have to somehow apply it to the older version, right?

Sure, if only it was that easy, but at least the concept is there, and we know that Malphite can look menacing and not just like an awkward rock. Hopefully Riot will release more information on this visual rework though because our boy deserves it, right?

When Can We Expect The Malphite VFX?

As this information is just coming off a Reddit thread, we do have to say that no release date for a Malphite VFX has been released yet. Nothing has been officially confirmed by Riot yet, but at least fans know that their champion hasn't been completely forgotten yet and that some visual changes could be coming to Malphite.

Before then, we do hope that Riot will also give our big boy Cho'Gath some love and that maybe, just maybe, Shyvana will be receiving a mystery VGU. So, we will have to be patient and wait for the Malphite VFX to be confirmed by Riot.