New LoL Space Groove Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

We're back in the 80's with this upcoming skin line. Space Groove is coming back to LoL servers and we're grooving and moving to the beat once more! Let's check out all the champions, the prices and everything else we know.

Space Groove Gragas
This is one hell of a skin. | © Riot Games

Space Groove is back for a second term with a whole bunch of new champions. This is a fun skin line that isn't to be taken too serious. Honestly, the 80's disco vibes are incredible and after banger skins like Blitz & Crank, as well as Nasus in 2021 we're hyped for the return of Space Groove to LoL.

But, which champions has Riot chosen in 2022 to show off their groovy moves on the dance floor? Let's check out everything we know about the new Space Groove skins!

LoL Space Groove Skins: Which Champions Are Getting New Skins?

This time we're getting seven new Space Groove skins added to the already existing set of skins. One of the skins will be a legendary skin, while one champion is also on the receiving end of a Prestige Skin. Let's go over all the champions getting skins in the next patch.

  • Space Groove Ornn
  • Space Groove Taric
  • Space Groove Twisted Fate
  • Space Groove Gragas
  • Space Groove Lissandra
  • Space Groove Teemo (Legendary)
  • Space Groove Nami
    • Space Groove Nami Prestige Edition

Nami will get a prestige edition of her skin, while Teemo is going to get a legendary skin as well.

To be honest... wouldn't Yuumi fit into this universe as well?

Already Existing Space Groove Skins in League of Legends

Some champions already have Space Groove skins. This skin line was introduced in 2021 and seven champions got skins back then. Lulu also received a prestige skin in this skin line, which puts the total of Space Groove skins to eight.

  • Space Groove Blitzcrank
  • Space Groove Nasus
  • Space Grove Lux
  • Space Groove Samira
  • Space Groove Rumble
  • Space Groove Nunu & Willump
  • Space Groove Lulu
    • Space Groove Lulu Prestige Edition

The new skins also fit perfectly to this skin line and the dance groove's we're going to be getting in 2022. Which other champions should go to the space disco in the future?

Upcoming Space Groove Skins Costs

The upcoming Space Groove skins will cost 1350 RP. Teemo, who is going to be donning a legendary skin will be more expensive though. Legendary skins cost 1820 RP due to the new animations, voice lines and the extra work put into the skin.

Space Groove will be a showcase event taking place between the LoL Worlds Event and the end of the year, but we are getting a showcase prestige which is going to go to Nami. You'll be able to pick up the skin with mythic essence in the mythic shop.

Space Groove Skins Release Date

The Space Groove skins will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.22. This will be the second to last patch before the end of the year and will take us into the preseason with a whole bunch of changes to items, the jungle and much more.

In League of Legends Patch 12.22 we're also going to receive the upcoming Victorious Sejuani skin for any players that made it to Gold or higher while playing ranked. Will you be receiving a Sejuani skin as well this season?

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