LoL Meets Ghostwire Tokyo: Is A New Riot Forge Game on the Horizon?

Ikumi Nakamura who is best known for her work on games like Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Evil Within and Bayonetta was spotted at Riot HQ. Is this a sign that we're getting a new Riot Forge game?

Riot forge ghostwire
Which champion could you see in this environment? | © Tango Gameworks/Riot Games

Riot Forge has quite a few projects lined up for us that we already know about. We know that Nunu & Willump will be getting their own adventure game quite soon and we've already caught glimpses of an upcoming platform game based on Ekko.

But now, with Ikumi Nakamura appearing at Riot HQ, we have our hopes up for a more edgy and gritty game that could become a reality. But, for now this is all just speculation since she legitimately only went to Riot HQ, but come on... Lil Nas X went to Riot HQ and suddenly became the president of League of Legends, so anything is possible, right?

Ikumi Nakamura Visits Riot HQ

Ikumi Nakamura is iconic. In 2019, she was the highlight of the Bethesda press conference at E3 when the game Ghostwire: Tokyo was announced. She worked on the game, but left midway through development due to health issues. What has she been up to since then? Well, she made her own studio UNSEEN Inc.

So, with a name like Nakamura as the CEO, games like Bayonetta and The Evil Within under her belt as well, wouldn't a horror/mystery Riot Forge game just make complete and utter sense? There are enough horrifying stories in Runeterra, so we could definitely envision Riot working alongside UNSEEN Inc. to make it happen.

Of course, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but Riot Forge is a game publisher that works alongside smaller game developers to bring the world of Runeterra into our hands with new games and new experiences. We've got a rhythm game, we're getting an adventure game, who says we can't have a horror game as well, right?

The possibilities are endless. On the other hand, Nakamura could have just been visiting Riot HQ because the LJL representative DetonatioN FocusMe was playing against the LPL's fourth seed RNG, and she wanted to get in on the LoL Worlds action. Who truly knows, but at this point and time we can only speculate.

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