Part of Skarner's VGU Was Leaked Online

Now that Udyr has his LoL VGU it's time we focus on the next VGU champion – Skarner. Well, it seems one leaker has already revealed some interesting abilities of the Brackern.

Guardian of the Sands Skarner
Skarner is in desperate need of this VGU. | © Riot Games

Skarner is the next champion to receive a visual and gameplay update in LoL. Udyr's VGU took over a year, so we're hoping that Skarner's won't take as long. The guy barely has any skins, so it should be quicker, right?

But we're not here for the skins, no, we're here to talk about Skarner and his leaked abilities. The same leaker that revealed Rell's mid-scope update has also leaked the new ultimate for Skarner... or at least the early development new ultimate. Will this improve the champion or make him worse?

LoL: New Information on Skarner VGU Leaked

Skarner is a very unique champion with his spires. Will the spire passive stay or go with the VGU that is set to release at some point in 2023 though? That question, we cannot answer, but we can tell you a little bit more about his new ultimate.

In a VGU, a champion's entire kit gets reworked, as well as the art, model and the narrative behind the champion. Now, one leaker has revealed the ultimate and there are multiple things we can deduct from the flavor text.

What other champions will be getting reworks and updates?

Skarner Gets New Pronouns

Skarner will go by 'they' in the future. Much like with Blitzcrank, Riot is changing the pronouns of the champion and honestly, it kind of makes sense for Skarner. Brackern are desert scorpions that live on through their memories, never before has it been specified whether there are male or female Brackern, so making them gender-neutral and giving them 'they/them' pronouns is pretty interesting.

Skarner New Ultimate Ability Leaked

Now we get to the juicy part of it all and that is Skarner's new ultimate ability. Skarner has one of the most interesting ultimates. Sure, it's a point and click and basically impossible to evade, so how is Riot looking to improve it? Well let's check it out:

  • Skarner impales a small area in front of them, Abducting enemy champions hit for 1 second dealing physical damage and additional magic damage to all abducted targets
  • While abducting, Skarner can move and will drag their helpless victims around with them. Skarner maintains bonus move speed from Brackern's Rend for the duration of the abduction

Skarner will now be able to abduct multiple champions, changing the ultimate from a single target ability to an AoE ability. This could make it easier to evade by opponents, but also make it much more impactful, especially in big teamfights around neutral objectives.

The Skarner VGU will be released at some point in 2023. Riot has not revealed much officially, so for now we have to trust these leaks, but a lot can change as the VGU team continues to work on Skarner, so his ultimate could be completely different upon release.