FIFA 23: AntiCheat Error Prevents Early Access – How To Fix

FIFA fans can already play FIFA 23 via streaming service EA Play. But an error in the "AntiCheat service" apparently prevents many PC players from starting the game properly. You can read here what options you have to solve the problem.

Havertz FIFA 23 jpg
FIFA 23: PC players are currently struggling with an error related to the AntiCheat software. | © Electronic Arts

FIFA 23 is just around the corner and the first FIFA fans can deep dive into the latest game via EA Play and start the early access. But some users suggest that things don't always run smoothly, especially for PC gamers – apparently an AntiCheat software error prevents the game from starting properly in some cases.

FIFA 23: How To Solve The AntiCheat Error

The good news: in most cases, the problem can be solved quite quickly. You should open the Origin software with administrator rights. Right-click the application and open it as administrator. Most of the Twitter users affected by the problem report that they were able to start the game after doing this

As soon as we have new information on the subject, we will update the article accordingly.

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