Quake 2 Remaster Coming Soon!

The legendary Quake franchise is about to get some attention again. Quake 2 just got an update on the back end of the Steam database, and this points to a probable remaster coming soon.

Quake 2
It's happening! | © Bethesda

Many of our readers are probably too young to remember the Quake franchise (and we don't mean to patronize those who do). But in a sentence: Quake was a definitive video game that build the foundations upon which all future arena shooters would be based on. This was the Halo before Halo.

Now, sadly, Quake didn't survive the modern era of gaming as well as other classic franchises (we only just heard about the new Tomb Raider, for instance). But there are loyal fans who would love to see Quake get a comeback. And Bethesda, who still retain the publishing rights, know that those fans would pay good money for a remaster. Well, it looks like we're getting one.

Quake 2 Remaster Spotted On Steam

Quake 2 was recently updated in the backend of the Steam database, which implies that some kind of expansion or remaster is coming soon. There's a website that tracks the Steam database, so you can check this update out for yourself here. But why are we so certain that this means big news and not just a simple stability update? Quake-Con.

Quake-Con is a convention that celebrates Quake, obviously. But it's important here because it takes place next week. So the fact we see a backend update to Quake 2 on Steam exactly one week before the perfect place for a reveal makes us pretty certain about this news. Also, Microsoft are now pumping money a ton of money into Bethesda, so we aren't surprised to see them trying so much right now (maybe too much; Starfield is apparently going to be the next Cyberpunk).

You can find all the details for Quake-Con here, but if you won’t be going in person, just head over to the home of gaming news to stay up-to-date.

While we're talking about remasters, here's one that we're getting worried about...