How to Flip Reset in Rocket League

All the pros use the Flip Reset in Rocket League. It keeps you in the air for ages, keeps you moving fast, and it looks awesome. So how do they do it?
Rocket league flip reset
The Flip Reset in Rocket League is the perfect way to become a master... | © Psyonix

Well, we want to be that awesome, and we want you to be awesome too. That's why we're taking a look at how to do the Flip Reset in Rocket League! The thing is, though: we haven't looked at a new skill in quite a while, so it's certainly time to jump in. Now, we have produced a sweet-ass video or the Flip Reset, so you should also check that out. In fact, here it is, for those of you who despise reading:

What is a Flip Reset in Rocket League?

A Flip Reset is when you place all four of your wheels on a surface to re-gain a flip mid-flight. A car has two jumps, your standard jump, and the second is a flip. The thing is, you have to land before you can jump again after the flip... unless you know how to Flip Reset! It's one of the most difficult mechanics in the game, but once you can pull it off, the Flip Reset is absolute perfection.

You need to practice them, though, as Yukeo says:

Free-play, Training Packs, and, of course, in real situations. First understand the mechanic, then practice it until you get somewhat consistent, and then try to use them in games.

How Do You Flip Reset in Rocket League?

Following is a quick-guide to completing the flip reset in Rocket League. Pay careful attention to each of these steps!

Run the ball up the wall

Make sure that you are moving you car onto the wall as well, so that both the ball and your vehicle is riding up the wall.

Hit the ball and immediately jump.

You now need to hit the ball off the wall into the air, with plenty of speed and height that you can then launch yourself off the wall as well.

Fly directly towards the ball

You will want to apply enough boost to get your speed up and reach the ball in the air.

Make sure you have enough momentum to receive the flip

This is especially important because players will need to keep flying in the air, as this is the entire point of performing a Flip Reset! So yes, keep your momentum up and get ready for the more difficult part of this trick.

Adjust the car so that all four wheels will hit the ball

You now need to twist the car so that it is flying towards the ball wheel-first. The key is that you need to hit the ball with all four wheels at the same time, so that it simulates you touching the ground.

Boost towards the ball

You need to make sure you reach the ball, so boost, but stop boosting just before you hit the ball. This way you can plant all four wheels on the ball.

Touch the ball with all four wheels

Once all four wheels have hit the ball, you have flip reset and can jump again. This is what you need to do.

Multiply these to hit the ball multiple times

If you want to become a true Rocket League God, you'll want to continue to flip reset repeatedly so that you can hit the ball, keep flying through the air, and land some truly impressive goals.

Control the ball

Keep controlling the ball, score some amazing goals, and become a Rocket League God.

Why and When Should I Flip Reset in Rocket League?

You should go for a Flip Reset whenever you get the chance, as it is an insanely powerful way to own your opponents in Rocket League. If you want to be awesome, if you want to win, then Flip Reset – but remember to coordinate with your team. It can be insanely confusing, and really throw off your team if not done clearly and on target.

Any time the opponent gives you enough space to go for one... Flip resets keep the opponent guessing, which is always good.

Make sure that you have enough space to do a Flip Reset, if you don't, then don't try to complete one, and instead pass the ball or use a different tactic. The benefits of a Flip Reset, though, are unbelievable. They are hard to read, they look flashy, and they are the perfect way to score yourself a pretty flashy goal. Have fun!