How to Get a Swish Goal in Rocket League

The biggest question remains, how do you get a Swish Goal in Hoops? Well, humans are asking on Reddit, so we better dive in...

Rocket league big hoops
Become the Michael Jordan of Rocket League... | © Psyonix

Swish, swish, swish. Apparently, that's a basketball term. Fitting, seeing as the mode we're talking about is Hoops — basically, Rocket League's take on the classic sport of Basketball. What is a Swish in Basketball, you may be asking? A Swish Goal is a shot that goes through the basket without touching the rim, or the backboard. We're playing Rocket League, though, and not Basketball...

In the end, though, Psyonix is intent upon expanding Rocket League to its fullest potential. After all, the concept is simple: you are a car, and you are very good and touching balls in very precise and exciting ways. Whilst that description might seem a little crass, there are two things we want to say: we don't care, and we're here to talk about Basketball, so please keep reading. Was that in-comprehensible? Yes. Do we care? No. Let's move on.

What is a Swish Goal in Rocket League?

You see, Basketball is one of those fantastic sports that will be awesome no matter who's playing it. Honestly, you could be the worst Basketball Player in the world, and you would still be significantly less lame than the worst Football Player. Even in Rocket League it's a blast! So... that being said... what is a Swish Goal in Rocket League, and how do you do it?

A Swish Goal is when you manage to get the ball in the hoop without hitting the rim or the backboard. You need to (obviously) be playing Hoops to be successful at a Swish Goal in Rocket League, as otherwise there is no hoop to get the ball in! You can hardly dunk into a soccer goal, can you? That just wouldn't make any sense...

How to Do a Swish Goal in Rocket League's Hoops Mode

We've compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to check out in Rocket League. Here they are...

Try an Aerial Kick

Aerial Kicks are an excellent way to get a Swish Goal in Rocket League. Look, they can be hard to complete, especially since it's very difficult to get the aim right, but is probably your best bet.

Ride up the wall with the ball and kick it off from above

Yet again, aim is key. This only sometimes works, riding up the wall sometimes causes the game to not register the challenge. That being said, if you do this just-right, you'll be in for a wild ride.

Nudge it over the net with the roof of your car

This can be an especially difficult way to do this. You need a lot of precision and to be an expert in dribbling.


It might sound generic, but if you're playing with friends, use clever passes to get the ball in without it touching the backboard. It is still difficult, but in my opinion, this is certainly your best bet.

Be careful, and be aware. Hoops can be a rather difficult game mode at the best of times, but if you are obsessed with getting your challenges down, then you will need that Swish Goal, and this will make things even harder!

The trick, to be honest, is to watch the pros. They know what they're bloody doing, and if you practice, practice, practice, practice, then you can use their style to get your goal scored. It might take hundreds of attempts, and many lost matches while you are focused on getting your Swish Goal, but hey — then you've done it!

So yes, swish, swish, swish, motherforkers. It's time to become a Rocket League God! Get those challenges, have that fun you've been waiting for, and try your hand at one of these bloody Swish Goals... Let us know how it goes!