Rocket League: How to Fix Private Match Not Working & Processing Trade

Many players are still getting the Private Match Not Work and Processing Trade errors, despite Rocket League being six years old. How do we fix these problems?

Rocket league private match fix
Are you having problems in Rocket League? We're here to help! | © Psyonix

In this article, we're here for all of you fabulous EarlyGamers, answering two key Rocket League questions: How do we fix the Private Match Not Working bug, and how do we stop the Processing Trade error?

Disclaimer: None of these fixes are absolute, these are just tips and tricks to get things up and running. We wish you luck! Keep in mind that if you have ongoing problems with Rocket League, you can report the problems directly to Psyonix. In addition, Psyonix may introduce bug patches to fix these issues. In that case, there's no need to read this article, so bugger off!

How to Fix Private Match Not Working in Rocket League

Following is a selection of tasks that need to be completed to fix the Private Match Not Working Error in Rocket League.

Season 3 Update Follow-Up from RocketLeague

Try to delete the match and try again

You need to jump into Private Matches and delete the match that you have organized. After completing this task, you must restart the game and try again.

Repeat this Process Until it Works

Many players are finding that if you just continue to repeat this process, it will work eventually. We'll cross our fingers for you!

Set up a Private Match under the same name

This can cause you to be dropped into another game, but it won't hard-crash Rocket League. In addition, this allows you to try again after having deleted the first Private Match.

Wait for a fix from Psyonix

This sucks, but for many it may be the only option. Psyonix release regular patches for Rocket League, each addressing a few different issues. This is a pretty major one, so we're sure that they'll be on top of it.

Private match fix. from RocketLeague

Psyonix have actually responded to the issue, claiming on Reddit that they are organizing a fix. It may take some time, as the issue is complex. It has been made clear, however, that the Private Match Not Working bug is a problem on Psyonix's end, and thus any fixes are temporary.

Note: Psyonix addressed this issue a few months ago, so it should be working again now. However, some players are still reporting problems. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.

How to Fix Processing Trade Error in Rocket League

This is a separate issue to the Private Matches Not Working Bug, but has a similar outcome in that you are unable to perform a rather crucial function in the game. Following are a number of steps that you can take to try and fix this particular problem.

Initiate trade in

Initiate a trade in, so that you get the Processing Trade Error.

Go out

Leave the Trade In menu and navigate all the way back to the main menu.

Head back into your vehicle screen

Once you have gone all the way back to the main menu, navigate your way to the vehicle screen.

Switch your car to any other car

From the vehicle screen, switch your vehicle to any other Battle Car, it doesn't really matter which one.

Go back into trade in

From here, go back into the Trade Ins menu.

The Issue should be resolved

If you had already initiated the trade, then it should be completed when you re-enter the screen.

The thing about the Rocket League Processing Trade Error is that it can be tricky. Yet again, this is not a permanent fix. Psyonix are, expectedly, on the case. For now, though, the above strategy is helping the vast majority of players.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully this quick-guide helps you resolve both the Private Match Not Working and Processing Trade error in Rocket League. Season 6 is here, and it's not even a massive disappointment like Season 5 has been! Let's keep having fun, folks, let's get your game fixed, and let's get a-rollin'!