Rocket League Player of the Month, September 2022: Atomic

Atomic is EarlyGame's September Rocket League Player of the Month. But why? Well, read on to find out. Small hint: It has something to do with his outstanding skills in Rocket League.

Atomic POTM Rocket League
Atomic is our Player of the Month in September! | © Rocket League Esports

The Rocket League World Championship is behind us – what a great event it has been, with a "not-so-great" finish! During the course of the Wildcard and the Main Round, we saw so many exciting duels... obviously, we're talking about series like Moist Esports vs. FURIA. Boy, that was great entertainment.

In our vote for the Rocket League Player of the Month, there is obviously no way around amazing performances during esports events. And we always ask ourselves which teams are at the top of the food chain currently. G2 Esports seems to have a pretty decent roster and are among the favorites for the upcoming RLCS 2022/23 season. Therefore, our player of the month is... drum roll please... Atomic!

Who Is Atomic?

Massimo "Atomic" Franceschi is a 19-year-old Rocket League pro from the USA who played for Team Envy before joining G2 Esports in January 2022. With total winnings of more than $365.333, the young American has already achieved a lot in his active esports career, which is also reflected in the rankings of his respective teams.

With his crazy goals, clever plays, and steadfast consistency, he has already taken many organizations to the next level. Finally, he's ended up on G2 Esports. As we now know after the RLCS World Championship, that was a pretty good decision. Only Team BDS were a bit better, to be fair.

What Are Atomic's Camera Settings?

Camera Settings

Atomic's Camera Settings

Camera ShakeOff


Swivel Speed10.0
Transition Speed1.20
Ball CameraToggle

What Are Atomic's Deadzone Settings?

Deadzone SettingsAtomic's Deadzone Settings
Deadzone ShapeCross
Dodge Deadzone0.40
Aerial Sensitivity


Steering Sensitivity


What Are Atomic's Controller Settings?

MovesController settings for Atomic (PlayStation)


Air roll (Left/Right)R1 (L1/-)


Call camTriangle

Why Is Atomic Our Player Of The Month?

Atomic is simply a damn good and, above all, consistent Rocket League esport player who has already been able to celebrate great success at each of his career stages so far – especially in recent months with G2 Esports. Furthermore, he is still an extremely young player, which is why he could get even better in the coming years.

Atomic has often put his skills and tricks to the test, especially in important matches which lead his mates to victory. You just have to re-watch the RLCS World Championship 2022. It was the biggest stage of the year, and he delivered under pressure. That's exactly what (almost) champions are made of. He's a legend.

Do you think our choice is justified, or would you have seen another Rocket League esports player come out on top? For more Rocket League, check out what is in the item shop today.