KRÜ Fem & FENNEL GC Got Eliminated From Game Changers Championship

Day 3 of Valorant Game Changers is over and was really wild.... and promises to be even more so!

Guild X are still in the game. | © Guild Esports / Riot Games

Any EMEA fan watching Game Changers Championship can rest easy, as Guild X won their match and G2 Gozen is one step away from getting into the Grand Finals. Things are not looking too hot for the other regions, as both NA teams (Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion GC) are already in the Lower Bracket, and yesterday we also got to know the first two teams to say goodbye to the tournament, and they are KRÜ Fem and FENNEL GC. Let's check out what exactly happened during Day 3 of Valorant Game Changers Championship!

Valorant Game Changers Championship Day 3: Team Liquid Brazil vs. Shopify Rebellion GC (2:1)

This match was interesting from the start, as it began on Fracture, a map on which neither team has much experience. And it was close until the very end; however, Shopify Rebellion took it, and it really looked like it was their day.

Moreover, even on the second map (Bind), Shopify Rebellion GC dominated the first half, and it looked like they were about to push Team Liquid Brazil into the Lower Bracket. However, right after the second half on Bind, the Brazilian team suddenly started playing much, much better and clutching unwinnable situations – it's like we were watching a different team playing, which eventually lead to a victory for Team Liquid Brazil.

That said, Team Liquid Brazil will now face G2 Gozen in the Upper Bracket Finals, so they have a guaranteed top 3 placement in the Game Changers tournament!

Valorant Game Changers Championship Day 3: X10 Sapphire vs. KRÜ Fem (2:1)

Next up, we had a first Elimination Match of the day, and it was actually super weird to watch as it was a bit of a rollercoaster full of unusual plays and strategies. After the first game that took place on Breeze, everyone was virtually convinced that KRÜ Fem would take the victory in this match with how smoothly they have played. But as you know now, that did not happen.

The second game took place on Haven, where X10 Sapphire are undefeated so far (11-0 record this year), and it wasn't even close. And the decider map was Fracture, which was, well, a bit more close, but still ended in a 13:7 score for X10 Sapphire. This means that X10 Sapphire will now face Shopify Rebellion GC in a first Elimination Match of Valorant Game Changers Championship Day 4 (18.11).

Valorant Game Changers Championship Day 3: Guild X vs. Fennel GC (2:0)

Even though community though this game was going to be super close, it really wasn't – Guild X dominated the match. Fennel GC players clearly couldn't find themselves comfortable in the match, with their best player having the KDA of 0.95.

It was really a quick 2:0 – 13:3 on Pearl and 13:5 on Haven. It seemed like Guild X played way above Fennel GC's level, but they won't have it so easy now. Their next match will be against Cloud9 White, which is considered to be one of the best female teams in Valorant, and again, the loser goes home.