Valorant Patch 6.03 Notes: Killjoy & Raze Got Nerfed

The long-awaited Patch 6.03 will arrive in Valorant today (14.02). Let's see what it has in store!

Killjoy raze patch nerf
Devs are truly heartless. | © Riot Games

To nerf the best Valorant couple on Valentine's Day is to have no heart. Besides that, this update is really just all about quality of life; however, as the next Act will drop relatively soon (March 7), this will probably be the day when we will get many exciting changes. But for now, let's see what Riot prepared for us in Valorant Patch 6.03!

Valorant Patch 6.03 Notes

Agent Changes


  • Turret's (E) Health decreased to 100 HP (from 125 HP)
Reducing the total health of the Turret will allow opponents to have an easier time destroying it, particularly with weaker weapons.
  • Lockdown's (X / Ultimate Ability) cost increased to 8 Ult Points (from 7 Ult Points)
We’re happy with Killjoy’s Ult being powerful when opponents don’t have a plan to push or contest it but feel the frequency is too high for the reliability it now offers.


  • Boom Bot's (C) duration decreased to 5 seconds (from 10 seconds)

The Boom Bot nerf is probably the most impactful one, and it really made the ability a lot weaker. Well, it seems like it, but in our opinion, it might actually affect Raze's position in the metagame.

Learn how to play Killjoy & Raze with our in-depth Agent guides:

Gameplay System Updates

  • Adjusted the Firing Error graph to use worst case error represented as degrees from the aim direction. The graph now reports the worst case error degrees of a possible bullet vector—before it didn't account for the generation of the actual error vector.
  • Introduced a new setting “Operator (Hold)” which allows those of you in Toggle Mode to hold Secondary Fire to go to Level 2 zoom. (Pre-Patch 6.0 zoom behavior).
  • Restored weapon zoom to pre-Patch 6.0 behavior when transitioning from weapon equip to Zoom/Aim Down Sights.

Social Updates

  • Added Real Time Text Evaluation (NA only to start) to the Agent Select screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru’s hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical range
  • AI (such as Skye’s Seekers [X]) will now travel through the crouch-only connection on Pearl near the Defender’s spawn area
  • Fixed a bug where KAY/O would sometimes be able to move after being downed during NULL/cmd (X)
  • Fixed a bug on Fracture where a player could fall off and die if two players ride the zipline at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times in a round could cause a door on any map to incorrectly appear open or shut.
  • Fixed a bug where rapidly spamming the Marshal’s zoom button could cause the scope to get stuck cycling in and out.

So, that's it for the Valorant Patch 6.03 Notes. Besides all these changes, we have to remind you that the Swiftplay beta is coming to an end, so this is the last time to play it!

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