Sentinels Got 2-0'd By Version1

Alright, it's officially the end of the Sentinels era. And well, the end of every old era marks the beginning of a new one, and it looks like this one will be under the Version1 label.

V1 zel
Version1 won 21 out of 24 matches this year! | © Riot Games

This last VCT Challengers weekend was just something else. For both NA and EMEA, we could see one definite pattern – the underdogs just crushed the most popular teams. Even though the tournament is still far from over, we can indeed say that this is the end of an era. Later this week, we begin the Playoff phase, which will determine the top 2 teams that will represent this region at the first VCT 2022 Masters, so let's recap what happened this weekend and get prepared for more high-quality Valorant games!

Group A: Cloud9 Dominance

Cloud9 was the only NA team to qualify for the Playoff phase at Valorant Champions 2021 – Sentinels and Envy (now OpTic Gaming) finished with a 1-2 result, and 100 Thieves didn't even qualify for the tournament. And now, at the first VCT Challengers of 2022, Cloud9 went 5-0 by beating every team they came across without any effort. Their games may not be the most interesting in the world; no fancy tactics there, just good communication and polished aim skills. But well, the most important thing for them is that they keep winning, so they certainly have nothing to complain about.

By the way, 100 Thieves avoided the 0-5 curse by winning against Evil Geniuses. Still, is there anything worth getting excited about? After all, Evil Geniuses was the worst-performing team in the entire tournament. Moreover, while watching this match, we had a feeling that it wasn't even like 100 Thieves won it – more like Evil Geniuses lost it. And 1-4 is still not that good of a score for such an established team. Now that 100 Thieves are out of the tournament, we're almost 100% sure that their roster will get some massive changes ahead of VCT Stage 2.

Here's what the final results look like for Group A in VCT Challengers NA Stage 1:




5-0154-101Qualified for Playoffs
The Guard4-1143-115Qualified for Playoffs


140-127Qualified for Playoffs
Luminosity Gaming2-3120-143Qualified for Playoffs
100 Thieves1-4127-153Eliminated
Evil Geniuses0-5106-151Eliminated

Group B: Purple Is The New Red

The biggest sensation of the week – Version1 beating Sentinels 2-0 with no small amount of trouble. As you can see on a poll below, everyone though that this will be a close game...

... but it wasn't. Not at all. All Sentinels players except ShahZaM scored a negative KDA this match. Interestingly enough, exactly one year ago, we could watch an identical match at the VCT Masters in Reykjavik; back then, no one even had a shadow of a doubt that it would be the Sentinels who would emerge victorious. Well, times change.

There's no denying it – Version1 is showing that they are worthy contenders to become the best team in the NA region. They are on a strong winning streak this year with a record of 21-3. Moreover, none of those 3 losses were in the VCT tournament, and that's what matters most. Honestly, in our opinion, Version1's games were the most interesting to watch during the group phase.

Still, even though the Sentinels lost their match against Version1, they managed to make the Playoffs with a 3-2 score. Here's what the final results look like for Group B:



5-0144-92Qualified for Playoffs
OpTic Gaming3-2143-114Qualified for Playoffs
Sentinels3-2149-155Qualified for Playoffs
Knights2-3107-132Qualified for Playoffs

So, who do you think will make it to the first VCT Masters? Make sure to let us know on our Discord and Twitter.