Xbox Game Pass Might Come With a 100% XP Boost For Valorant

Although it may seem quite unrealistic, there are good reasons to believe that Xbox Game Pass will come with a 100% XP boost for Valorant.

Xbox Game Pass Might Come WIth a 100% XP Boost For Valorant
Is it to good to be true? | © Riot Games / Xbox

Not that long ago, we got some news that Riot Games was joining forces with Microsoft, and the fruit of this collaboration was to be a Game Pass with numerous perks for all the games made by the studio with a white fist on a red background in the logo. If you thought Xbox Game Pass wouldn't be for you because you already have all the Valorant Agents unlocked anyway, well, there's a reason why you might want to get it.

100% XP Boost in Valorant With Game Pass

Data miners from ValorantLeaksEN have found information in the game files that any XP gains are multiplied by 100% with Xbox Game Pass, which you can see on the tweet below:

Now, it is nothing confirmed, and this 100% XP Boost might just be a placeholder value. However, if that would turn out to be true, then it would just be a paradise for all the Battle Pass grinders out there. Plus, unlocking all Agents just can't be the only perk, because, well, all players pretty much have it, even those who don't play Valorant much.

When Will Riot Games x Game Pass Launch?

Sadly, we don't know the exact release date of Riot Games' collaboration with Game Pass; all we know is that it's coming "this winter", and we wouldn't be surprised if it were during the holiday season. Speaking of holidays, the author of this article would have a little gift for you – two Game Pass codes I got from my Discord Nitro subscription that you can claim just now. Yup, I won't use them, and maybe some of you will find them helpful; enjoy!

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